Description of XpyBurner and consequences of its residing on your PC

AdvancedCleaner and SpyBurner are the parental programs for malware of XpyBurner (Xpy Burner). However, XpyBurner removal is more complicated and risky, especially in case of careless approach. XpyBurner removal through the program installation manager at Start Menu would remove only few files left unhidden and reported and recognized by Windows as XpyBurner program. The reminder still includes all files necessary for the program adequate functioning. That means that a user is bothered on permanent basis and files deleted in the random rule. XpyBurner does not include files capable to analyze structure of your computer memory and that is why it removes files randomly as it cannot assess their possible importance for you, e.g. system files are vitally important for system functionality but XpyBurner cannot avoid deleting or delete them intentionally.  The aim of such actions is to delete truly valuable files in order to create disordering and erase files you need. Accidentally, XpyBurner may have erased several system files and thus destroy Windows before user would have taken the decision to buy the full version. Click here to start free scan and remove XpyBurner. Please, do not pay hackers. If you believe they would not bother after you have paid a 50 dollars registration fee, you are wrong. You need to remove XpyBurner full version, too, as the association of XpyBurner files deleting files in your computer memory is not controlled by the rascals or programmed to stop as user has registered XpyBurner.

XpyBurner Technical Details

  • Full name: XpyBurner, Xpy Burner, Xpy Burner
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

XpyBurner screenshot:

Signs of being infected with XpyBurner:

XpyBurner is easy to tell from other rogue applications if its scan window and fake alerts leading to its website or mentioning its name are displayed. However, cases may happen when either all its alerts or scan windows cannot be displayed due to either the error of downloading or anti-adware program or another reason. In this case, identification of XpyBurner is rather impossible without thorough inspection of the memory and it is better to use reliable scanner to detect and get rid of XpyBurner.
XpyBurner sometimes may be detected by its alerts in case its scan window is not imaged. If you see any alert of unknown origin prompting to remove something or informing you about any unwanted process or object, it may be this or another rogue program. Click here to stop guessing what parasite bothers you and remove XpyBurner upon detection.

Automatic Removal of XpyBurner from your PC:

Since XpyBurner makes your PC vulnerable, other rogues have likely found the way to infect your operating system. In addition, if trojan has downloaded XpyBurner, you need to remove XpyBurner trojan in order to avoid the malware reinstallation. Automatic tool will perform free scan so that you will know the names of threats and may remove XpyBurner and other rogues in the way you prefer. For automatic removal keep using StopZilla!; in order to remove XpyBurner and other infections manually, please go to the next section and find manual guides for other threats here at or at other similar blogs. Follow the link below to start free scan and remove XpyBurner.

Download XpyBurner Removal Tool

Manual Removal of XpyBurner:

To the security purposes, experts recommend to reboot before and after malware removal process. That is to ensure any program is not running and interfering with XpyBurner removal.  Please, print these instructions out as you cannot use any application to read them in your monitor during the XpyBurner removal.
Follow the instructions below step by step in the given order to remove XpyBurner completely and correctly.

Remove  XpyBurner files and dll’s

Uninstall xpyburner.lnk

Unregister XpyBurner registry values:


XpyBurner Remover with free scan