Description of XP SecurityCenter and consequences of its residing on your PC

XP SecurityCenter or XP Security Center is a very malignant application. If you installed this malware into your PC manually or this program was installed without your notification and permission, in any case remove XPSecurityCenter. Its behavior may be called moderate, but in fact moderate malware is in some aspects much more dangerous in comparison to aggressive and quiet malware. XPSecurityCenter may run hidden trying to steal and use secret information from your PC and open security holes in your system so that related threats may penetrate into your drives. When this malware was installed in illegal way, i.e. you did not do that and believes someone else could not do this, no pop-ups or scans appear for some time – but this is a good time to remove XPSecurityCenter before serious damage was made to you. Click here to check for free whether XPSecurityCenter is a resident of your PC and get rid of XPSecurityCenter immediately.
XPSecurityCenter can steal your credit card details when they are transferred by you in the web, or it can get access to your web-money account. XPSecurityCenter trial does not do it directly itself, but special spyware is loaded trough the gap in your PC protection after PSecurityCenter installed. That is why you should remove XPSecurityCenter immediately; otherwise you are under serious risk of financial losses. What is worse, you feed fraudsters and they will keep on doing their ridicules things using your money if you do not avoid their attacks. That is why you better check your PC first for malware before buying anything through the web. Click here to do this free and remove XPSecurityCenter.

XP SecurityCenter Technical Details

  • Full name: XP SecurityCenter, XP Security Center, XPSecurityCenter
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation (
  • Ralted threats: XP AntiVirus

XP SecurityCenter screenshots:

Signs of being infected with XP SecurityCenter:

After you had installed XPSecurityCenter manually, you might forget about this action soon. For certain reasons, behavior of XPSecurityCenter differs according to the peculiarities of the application you loading (test shown each time the version which a user loading from slightly differs) and your operating system characteristics and current settings. Needless to say, when you see a scan window or pop-ups, there is nothing difficult in making the respective conclusion that you have been infected with this malware or have installed it manually but forgot it. Otherwise (I mean when there are no obvious signs; however, you may follow that link in any case as you may also remove XPSecurityCenter automatically by following it), you may click here to detect and get rid of XPSecurityCenter and other malware or viruses.


Automatic Removal of XP SecurityCenter from your PC:

XPSecurityCenter automated removal is a perfect way to forget of malware and virus problem. Moreover, in this case XPSecurityCenter automated removal is just absolutely necessary since other badware, honestly, much more aggressive and dangerous than XPSecurityCenter, is very likely to come after or bundled with this slut. Fortunately, malware and viruses database of the removal tool includes nearly all old and new and just-released threats, so follow the link below to perform free scan of your PC for malware and viruses and remove XPSecurityCenter

Download XP SecurityCenter Removal Tool for Windows XP and Vista


Manual Removal of XP SecurityCenter:

Manual removal may be performed if you strictly follow these instructions. Though I  no responsibility for their completeness and validity, let me simply assure you they are correct.

Remove XP SecurityCenter files and dll’s

Unregister XP SecurityCenter registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”XP SecurityCenter” = “”C:\Program Files\XPSecurityCenter\XPSecurityCenter.exe” /hide”

XP SecurityCenter Remover with free scan