Description of WinWebSecurity and consequences of its residing on your PC

“How WinWebSecurity happened to become the program running at my PC”, many users ask. If they do not have amnesia and can remember whether they have installed the rogue manually or not, it has been another trickery through which the malware infected computer. If you have this headache, remove WinWebSecurity.
WinWebSecurity put trojans at various locations. They facilitate its impact on user but in another way that WinWebSecurity applies itself; this impact is indirect as trojans captures memory making it unavailable on demand of operating system. This, of course, obviously slows down computer and that is the rascals’ design to scare victims with real system performance depreciation and make a timely advice to register WinWebSecurity for only few dozens of bucks. There is another way, to get rid of WinWebSecurity and corresponding trojans and install real spyware removal tool or at least perform manual removal of WinWebSecurity. Click here  to scan computer for free and remove WinWebSecurity afterwards.

WinWebSecurity Technical Details

  • Full name: WinWebSecurity, WinWeb Security, Win Web Security
  • Version: 2008
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

WinWebSecurity Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with WinWebSecurity:

WinWebSecurity, except typical for programs of its type pop-up and repeating scans, shows scaring alert with the following text: “Internet Explorer is injected (sic) with worm Lsas.Blaster.Keylogger”. What is interesting, even if you use alternative browser, the message does not change.
Remove WinWebSecurity once you have seen either pop-up or alert mentioned above. Of course, in case of manual installation you need not any sign to identify the threat. Click here to perform free malware and virus scan and get rid of WinWebSecurity using reliable security software.

Automatic Removal of WinWebSecurity from your PC:

WinWebSecurity seems to be another rogue of rascals from Eastern Europe, however very distinct one. It keeps on developing and every new copy may differ at least slightly from old one so that we dare strongly recommend WinWebSecurity removal in automatic mode. In any case, you have wonderful opportunity to scan computer for free in order to ensure WinWebSecurity removal has been completed successfully where it is your final decision to remove WinWebSecurity manually.

Download WinWebSecurity Removal Tool

Manual Removal of WinWebSecurity:

It is important that any program is not running during WinWebSecurity removal process. Just reboot Windows before remove WinWebSecurity manually and after WinWebSecurity removal completed and disconnect Internet to make sure any program is not functioning. Follow the guidelines below attentively to remove WinWebSecurity, if WinWebSecurity removal has not been successful, please leave your comment below as you may be infected with new version of WinWebSecurity or remove WinWebSecurity automatically. If you leave your comment, we will do our best to introduce necessary changes to the removal guide  as soon as possible.

Remove WinWebSecurity files and dll’s


Unregister WinWebSecurity registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{D5DF7C9D-6069-4552-8B0C-D02A912FC889}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “WinwebSecurity” 

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