Description of  WiniShield and consequences of its residing on your PC

WiniShield (Wini Shield) appearances are such that the software cannot be equipped with extended database of computer infections and tools to remove them, as its so called official and home websites state. Brief tests and inspection on  WiniShield have clearly indicated the absence of any scanning device in the rogue, though there are a number of free blank scanners available and developers of similar rogue utilities embed them into their tools to make these tools look like legit software. Perhaps to reduce the size and thus to make  WiniShield prompter in terms of downloading, any simplest scanner template has not been included into  WiniShield. Instead of that, users are eager to remove WiniShield for its intensive advertisements, which consist of the fabricated scan, in fact a sort of complex animation, and alerts prompting to buy WiniShield, saying so directly or providing quite transparent hints.
The way of WiniShield downloading and installation predetermines aspects of WiniShield removal. Where the rogue is downloaded and / or installed without, or in spite of, user’s agreement, a user rather needs to get rid of WiniShield using software for the widest range of infections. The reason for that is invasion of a pack of other infections in case of   WiniShield backdoor downloading and / or installation.
Click here to start free computer scan and get rid of WiniShield adware, as well as any other infections found. Please do not pay the WiniShield registration fee; even if you are going to bribe hackers in such a way in order to get rid of WiniShield ads, that will not help as the ads of WiniShield will become even more nasty in case you have settled first payments as the rogue is demanding another for new sort of registration.

WiniShield Technical Details

  • Full name: WiniShield, Wini Shield, Wini-Shield
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

WiniShield screenshots:


Signs of being infected with WiniShield:

WiniShield does not make much harm to your computer system as adware, but considering it as a complex of tools, which, strictly speaking,  WiniShield swindle is, we need to admit that troajns and worms, which may be dropped into host system in a bunch of WiniShield adware and other threats, do make a lot of harm. That is, you need to detect and remove WiniShield adware at the earliest opportunity, especially where WiniShield adware has been installed and / or downloaded by special rogue agent in no agreement with you.
The very first signs of WiniShield adware are, as a rule, alerts at the system tray, which most users are inclined to take for true system alerts and give much credit to them. Then, according to the typical scenario, once another session after WiniShield invasion has begun, a giant falsification is coming, which is a front window of WiniShield. There is a scan option in that window and hackers grant a user with few minutes to start the scan by his own command, before it will be launched by the adware regardless of user’s will.
Once you see any suspicious alerts leading to websites praising WiniShield or windows clearly referring to the above program, you are infected and need to remove WiniShield. Сlick here to start free scan and get rid of WiniShield once and for all.

Automatic Removal of WiniShield from your PC:

In order to remove WiniShield adware and associated badware possibly downloaded at the same occasion, follow the link below to start free scan and get rid of WiniShield adware, as well as any other infections found.

Download WiniShield Removal Tool

Manual Removal of WiniShield:

If you are going to start WiniShield manual removal, please reboot before that and keep Internet connection disabled and all applications inactive while removing WiniShield adware.

Remove WiniShield and dll’s:

1 WiniShield.lnk
2 Homepage.lnk
3 Uninstall.lnk

Unregister WiniShield registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “WiniShield”

WiniShield Remover with free scan