Description of WiniGuard and consequences of its residing on your PC

WiniGuard had been dark knight or rather rogue in darkness of malicious Internet sector until hackers trading with it started to apply trojan in its propagation, i.e. WiniGuard had been shadowed and lost among other application aiming to make users pay for the registration through various unfair tactics until that moment when trojan was introduced in its propagation scheme. This program is rather moderate at the background of its predecessors and competitors, but only in the short and medium future. If letting this scam residing and failing to remove WiniGuard in a good time, it will become even nastier than some other rogues. So there is only one reasonable tip in case of infection: remove WiniGuard as soon as its presence disclosed. If you have only hints and suspicions, click here to scan computer for free and get rid of WiniGuard, if applicable.
“WiniGuard is a slow poison for infected machine” – this is the compliant of one user whose Windows was finally destroyed with WiniGuard; these words reflect essence of this malware with good degree of certainty. Short-term influence of WiniGuard is almost harmless while its long residence will destroy operating system sooner or later. Conclusion: remove WiniGuard at the earliest opportunity. Click here  to scan computer free of charge and start WiniGuard removal.

WiniGuard Technical Details

  • Full name: WiniGuard, Wini Guard, Win iGuard
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

WiniGuard Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with WiniGuard:

WiniGuard is expending its activities without unnecessary haste. It is not to be said that that you should remove WiniGuard in all haste, because in opposite case your system may fall down and valuable data erased. Yes, you have time for some consideration, WiniGuard does not belong to the type of malicious software which destroy infected system very promptly.  However, do not linger, slight Windows disordering and pop-ups with alerts would not be much pleasant too.
The first visible sign of  WiniGuard is alert at the vicinity of system tray. It is screened usually in a few days after installation from homepage of this fake security tool. In case of shadowed installation, especially with trojan, the alert may be screened earlier. Cases happen when the alert is not screened at all. There is no information about cases when pop-up at the center of desktop is not screened at all. The pop-up is entitled WiniGuard (sometimes WiniGuard). The time of its appearance is usually in a week after installation. The pop-up is screened automatically with every Windows restart. It includes buttons launching free scan and downloading purchase form online. Click here to start free malware and virus search and remove WiniGuard.

Automatic Removal of WiniGuard from your PC:

Follow the link below to start detecting threats free of charge with free copy of WiniGuard removal tool. If you remove WiniGuard in this way, there is a life-time warranty of its removal effect and protection from other malware intrusion. WiniGuard removal tool is a program that updates faster than the removal instructions below so that any technical deviations in WiniGuard which may lead to removal failure are unlikely to result in removal failure in case of automatic removal. It does not mean, however, that manual guidelines are not updated to the best of our knowledge.

Download WiniGuard Removal Tool

Manual Removal of WiniGuard:

All unnecessary services are to be inactive while you remove WiniGuard manually. If you cannot perform WiniGuard removal from infected computer (for instance, no access to the Registry), restart Windows in a safe mode and try again. If still no effect, try to remove files only from another computer (attach your hard disk to it) and then remove Registry entries from infected Windows after returning your disk back to infected machine.

Remove WiniGuard files and dll’s


Unregister WiniGuard registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\“Antivirus”= “%ProgramFiles%\WiniGuard\WiniGuard.exe”

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