Description of WiniBlueSoft and consequences of its residing on your PC

WiniBlueSoft is  rather a kit of malwares than a single program – considering WiniBlueSoft  as fake antispyware and adware only is incorrect. According to recent malware surveys, fake security applications have been increasingly advertised through the online advertisement without installation of trial version, and more and more credulous users buy the fake computer security tools trusting online ads, especially online scanners. It should not be misunderstood as a sign of adware installation technique non-conformity with art of the day malware business, but that just means a development of new trend.   WiniBlueSoft is the malware that goes in line with this trend and is actively promoted at online fake scanners and fake computer security blogs and websites containing misleading ads. These websites, incl. online scanners, are supported by WiniBlueSoft hijackers. These hijackers are installed as trojans or virus payload and may hardly oppress infected computer system, first of all, by interfering with certain programs, apart from web-browsing redirection to the fake online ads by WiniBlueSoft. In addition, WiniBlueSoft complex installation is possible, when both hijacker and adware installed.
WiniBlueSoft’s goal is to make users buy it, though this software makes your computer sick instead of curing it. Remove WiniBlueSoft adware and hijacker, as appropriate, instead of allowing this malware deteriorating your computer and getting on your nerves, all the more purchasing it.  Сlick here  to start free scan in order to detect infections at your computer and get rid of WiniBlueSoft, including all its components and infections damaging your computer in no connection with WiniBlueSoft.

WiniBlueSoft Technical Details

  • Full name: WiniBlueSoft, Wini Blue Soft, WiniBlue Soft
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

WiniBlueSoft screenshots:

Signs of being infected with WiniBlueSoft:

Considering the behavior of WiniBlueSoft hijackers hardly allows deriving any rule eventually. That is easy to explain – because  many different hijackers promote WiniBlueSoft. There are no doubts that there is a sub-industry specialized on infecting computers with hijackers, and these hijackers serve many fake security tools, and their functions are variable. The only typical sign of WiniBlueSoft hijacker presence is redirection of your web-surfing to online ads of WiniBlueSoft, though you may be redirected also clicking a misleading link at websites providing its ad resource for unverified advertisers. The hijackers may have extended features of producing destructive effects. You need to remove WiniBlueSoft hijacker, maybe even more than get rid of WiniBlueSoft adware, for the hijacker may behave in more destructive manner than the adware which targets user’s attention rather than destroying computer system.
WiniBlueSoft adware is installed in shadowed mode with trojan, and users also install it by their own being duped with misleading online ads. Then, the adware runs according to the typical pattern for fake computer security suite, producing heaps of alerts and pretending to scan the computer. The scan ends up with the request of registering (that implies purchasing)  WiniBlueSoft’s unregistered copy, and the alerts claim the same. Click here to remove WiniBlueSoft, and please never register it as that means supporting hackers and facilitating development and distribution of new malware.

Automatic Removal of WiniBlueSoft from your PC:

There are several advantages in removing WiniBlueSoft   automatically. Removing WiniBlueSoft   automatically, you perform complete removal of WiniBlueSoft, wchich means to get rid of    WiniBlueSoft in all its components as it was noted above that WiniBlueSoft  is a complex of infections. Further on, automated removal of WiniBlueSoft  means the  installation of software that will potect your computer system from intrusion of  malware in future. Follow the link below to styart free scan and remove WiniBlueSoft, as well a any other malware.

Download WiniBlueSoft Removal Tool

Manual Removal of WiniBlueSoft:

If your final choice is to remove WiniBlueSoft manually, please follow the guidelines for WiniBlueSoft removal attentively and precisely, because any mistyping or omission may lead to WiniBlueSoft removal failure or, even worse, deletion of useful and valuable files.
Performing free scan after removal of WiniBlueSoft in manual mode will disclose any other infections or indicate WiniBlueSoft removal failure. In case of WiniBlueSoft removal failure, please make sure that, while performing the process of WiniBlueSoft removal, you have no programs active, and try again. You might also mistype the files and Registry entries names.
In case other infections found, the relevant manual guides may be found at and similar security blogs in the Internet, or you may remove these infections automatically.

Remove WiniBlueSoft files and dll’s


Unregister WiniBlueSoft registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “setup2.exe”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “WiniBlueSoft”

WiniBlueSoft Remover with free scan