Description of  Windows Smart Security and consequences of its residing on your PC

Dodges of Windows Smart Security are all well-known for  experts monitoring malware. However, the rogue keeps on developing and before its new dodges are unveiled it succeeds in doing real harm to credulous users. That means not Windows Smart Security adware is modified significantly. The subject of modifications is the way rogue is implanted at targeted computer system.
Leaping up head, it is too be recalled that you need to remove Windows Smart Security irrespective of its intrusion technique and you may remove Windows Smart Security in one and same way. If you are going to remove Windows Smart Security immediately, click here  to start free system scan.
It should be noted that Windows Smart Security Windows Smart Security poses a great challenge to the performance of unprotected computer system. Its impact on host system is multiplied in times, where the rogue is installed by downloading agent, which might be at trojan or virus.
Windows Smart Security is a sort of software which is known to be advertised with scary online ads. It is less known that the rogue is propagated quite intensively with trojan and viruses. Those malicious program codes are installed through various trickeries to the purposes of downloading, installing and supporting Windows Smart Security adware.
Hackers describe Windows Smart Security as system security and privacy protection utility. Naturally Windows Smart Security provides no real security services.

Windows Smart Security Technical Details

  • Full name: Windows Smart Security, Windows SmartSecurity, WindowsSmart Security
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

Windows Smart Security screenshot (click to enlarge):

Windows Smart Security

Signs of being infected with Windows Smart Security:

In the last phrase of this post first section it is said that Windows Smart Security provides no real security services. Of course, it does not, but it pretends to provide. In particular, its scan window is about to burst out with names of infection residing nowhere but in the imagination of hackers who concocted the adware. That scan window is typically shown at the very beginning of each Windows session. After user has finally succeeded in closing the window and sometimes even during the fake scan alerts of scary message are appearing. They in various expressions prompt user to activate the demo version of Windows Smart Security. Remove Windows Smart Security adware and forget of its deceitful statements and promises.
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Automatic Removal of Windows Smart Security from your PC:

Automated tool will remove Windows Smart Security and sweep away any other infection and will be your system guard, if you allow that. Even in case your intention is to remove Windows Smart Security adware manually, please follow the link below to start free scan and detect all infections at your hosts system and proceed either to manual removal of Windows Smart Security or remove Windows Smart Security and other infection by the tool recommended.

Download Windows Smart Security Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Windows Smart Security:

Manual Windows Smart Security removal may affect host system in case you mistype any names and / or ignore the simplest security measures, which are as follows: Windows reboot is required before and after the process of Windows Smart Security removal and during this period Internet connection should be disabled and no software should be running.

Remove Windows Smart Security and dll’s:

Windows Smart Security 2009.lnk

Unregister Windows Smart Security registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “hl11734594″

Windows Smart Security Remover with free scan