Description of WinDefender 2009 (Win Defender 2009) and consequences of its residing on your PC

WinDefender 2009 or Win Defender 2009 is of the same origin and very similar in denomination with WinDefender 2008. Both these names designate fake security tool that pretends to remove real threats. Well, in contrast to WinDefender 2008, WinDefender 2009 finds and removes threats uploaded with…the same trojan that installed WinDefender 2009. Except this, any rogues cannot be detected at your PC by WinDefender 2009.
Experts say that trojans are used only to produce alerts that recommend installation of WinDefender 2009 trialware; in reality, though the above expert’s statement is partly true, WinDefender 2009 is installed by trojan in case the message of alerts is ignored. There is nothing strange that direct installation with trojan is more popular way for WinDefender 2009 invasion.
No matter what technique was used to install WinDefender 2009, this rogue is always dangerous so remove WinDefender 2009 without delay. This malware consumes enormous system resources in order to create slow computer problem and may delete files to the same purpose.
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WinDefender 2009 (Win Defender 2009) Technical Details

  • Full name: WinDefender 2009, Win Defender 2009, WinDefender2009
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation, http://windefender-2009. com, http://windefender2009. com

WinDefender 2009 (Win Defender 2009) Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with WinDefender 2009 (Win Defender 2009):

Where you have ever seen online alerts stating that your PC is infected and WinDefender 2009 or unnamed software needs to be uploaded and installed to stave off the danger, trialware of WinDefender 2009 may now be your computer resident. It is sometimes complicated to identify  WinDefender 2009 in a short while after its upload with trojan as installation takes considerable time subject to your system peculiarities.
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In case installation was successful,  WinDefender 2009 starts with Windows and runs its free scan with trojans displayed in the scan results. These troajns were really installed and can harm your PC, but it was the same trojan that uploaded both WinDefender 2009 and the above rogues.
WinDefender 2009 has strong ties to other malware e.g. pop-up promoting Total Secure 2009 malware is screened with help of installed trialware of WinDefender 2009.

Automatic Removal of WinDefender 2009 (Win Defender 2009) from your PC:

As you can see, due to multiple connections with viruses and malware, complex tool is the best tool to remove WinDefender 2009 removal of all other badware and rogues is thus provided. Click the link below for free detection and safe and time-efficient removal of WinDefender 2009, as well as to remove other rogues exposed.

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Manual Removal of WinDefender 2009 (Win Defender 2009):

It is evident that if remove WinDefender 2009 manually, warranty of total PC cleanup can not be given, since too many rogues are very close to WinDefender 2009. If you still believe that it is expedient to get rid of WinDefender 2009 manually, reboot your system before and after the removal and follow the guidelines for WinDefender 2009 removal precisely. After completion you can upload free copy of reliable software to scan the computer in order to detect other rogues. Click the link above to proceed.

Remove WinDefender 2009 (Win Defender 2009) files and dll’s

WinDefender 2009.lnk

Unregister WinDefender 2009 (Win Defender 2009) registry values:

Uninstall\WinDefender 2009
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “WinDefender2009”

WinDefender 2009 (Win Defender 2009) Remover with free scan