Description of WinCleaner 2009 and consequences of its residing on your PC

WinCleaner 2009 (Win Cleaner 2009) is a name designating, in fact, different programs. What these programs always share is the name WinCleaner 2009 and its skins. The programs differ in their constituting elements. In particular, there are a variety of WinCleaner 2009 that includes legitimate malware search engine and other varieties that do not have one as such, as well as varieties based on other free or illegitimate tools for computer investigation. Any version cannot detect actual threats, only those out-of-date, and versions with real search engines list important system and program files among the scan results. In any case, it is a waste of system resources and of your time when you let such parasite as   WinCleaner 2009 reside and act on your PC. And if you try to delete the indicated threats, there may be very important system and program files which deletion creates programs disablement and system crush.
Users infected with WinCleaner 2009 normally want to remove WinCleaner 2009 for its annoying habit of alerting about fake threats with increasing frequency and for its window with scanner that appears with the beginning of every another Windows session. However, there trojans which may function is to produce various alerts after the malware of  WinCleaner 2009 installation, and these trojans may have installed the malware of WinCleaner 2009 and attempt to install additional commercial rogues, which is why you need to remove WinCleaner 2009 also in order to prevent hidden downloading and installation of WinCleaner 2009.
Regarding the categorization of WinCleaner 2009, this program is a typical fake security tool that is rather adware than crushware, for that through different ads it attempts to get money of users who have installed by their own or got installed with trojan the promo-version of WinCleaner 2009; click here to remove WinCleaner 2009.

WinCleaner 2009 Technical Details

  • Full name: WinCleaner 2009, WinCleaner2009, Win Cleaner 2009
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

WinCleaner 2009 screenshot:

Signs of being infected with WinCleaner 2009:

WinCleaner 2009 detection is possible on the early stage of its development if you have been infected with version of this rogue program that is primarily installed with trojan; this is the easy version as those more complex are normally to be installed by user in a legitimate way due to their heavy weight that exceeds the weight of light version with no search tool in dozens times. It is thus should be noted that, consequentially, the problem of WinCleaner 2009 identification exists only in the case of WinCleaner 2009 light.
The behavior of WinCleaner 2009 is practically the same regardless of its variety. The rogue runs its free scan and generates alerts with increasing frequency. The scan window for heavy versions includes the indication of the path to rogues found; the light version does not perform actual observation of files in the computer and just plays a primitive animated picture representing the fake scan in progress.
WinCleaner 2009 detection as of the light version  at the early stage is possible as the light version is usually installed with trojan and / or through the fake scanners; this installation is performed without notifying user, but Windows needs to be adjusted by this program in a special way to allow WinCleaner 2009 run without actual permission of user. WinCleaner 2009 is detectable on this early stage of Windows adjustment by redirections to the webpage of WinCleaner 2009; that means there is a trojan that have hijacked your browser and have downloaded or is going to download WinCleaner 2009.
Click here in order to run free scan and get rid of WinCleaner 2009 upon detection, as well as to detect and eliminate other threats.

Automatic Removal of WinCleaner 2009 from your PC:

WinCleaner 2009 is a program sharing same skins and some peculiarities of the behavior with another lately released rogue of Win Antivirus Vista /Xp. However, WinCleaner 2009 is more complex program and even cannot be called a program as it is explained above. Its identification is complicated as the varieties of  WinCleaner 2009 may be very different. All the more, there may be different trojans to remove in conjunction with WinCleaner 2009. Automatic removal is preferable for these reasons, owing to the ability of the automatic removal tool to detect and remove WinCleaner 2009 in any of its variations.

Download WinCleaner 2009 Removal Tool

Manual Removal of WinCleaner 2009:

These instructions for WinCleaner 2009 removal are as extended as possible in order to cover all the variations of WinCleaner 2009. Therefore, you should not worry if some objects cannot be found. In order to make sure that removal of WinCleaner 2009 has been performed successfully, please apply free scanner following the link above.
Please, close all the programs and reboot before you start to remove WinCleaner 2009 manually. Make sure Internet is disconnected and print this guide as experts do not recommend having text editors and browser open during WinCleaner 2009 removal.

Remove WinCleaner 2009 files and dll’s

Win Cleaner.lnk

Unregister WinCleaner 2009 registry values:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\Scan with ASC-AntiSpywareHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\
CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{2F3D01F3-2A8E-4814-AA0F-8315172D22BF}HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\

WinCleaner 2009 Remover with free scan