Description of WinBlueSoft and consequences of its residing on your PC

WinBlueSoft is a near clone of WiniBlueSoft. This rogue antispyware mainly differs from its predecessors by its name and the way of installation. In contrast to WiniBlueSoft  WinBlueSoft is more often installed as a trojan and may come with virus. WinBlueSoft includes special dll file which function is to block legitimate programs in order to create the effect of system devastation. Failure to remove WinBlueSoft means you are able to use only a scintilla of software. In some versions of WinBlueSoft the above  dll file also disables Windows installer so that new software cannot be installed. Fortunately, we have one designed to be installed under such conditions that perfectly removes WinBlueSoft and similar malware. Click here if you suspect your system is infected to start free scan and get rid of WinBlueSoft.

WinBlueSoft Technical Details

  • Full name: WinBlueSoft, Win Blue Soft, WinBlue Soft
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

WinBlueSoft screenshot:

Signs of being infected with WinBlueSoft:

WinBlueSoft generates its window of typical for rogue antispyware dimensions once user started new session after this malware installation. It was stressed in the above section that  WinBlueSoft is often installed with trojan and virus; however, it is more likely that most cases of WinBlueSoft installation are manual installations by user from WinBlueSoft’s home-page and from free shareware hosting servers.
Regardless of the way of its installation, WinBlueSoft shows fake security alerts indirectly suggesting user to pay for WinBlueSoft registration.
WinBlueSoft scan is extraction of imaginary names from file the rogue software comprises. Ignore these false positives and remove WinBlueSoft at the earliest opportunity to avoid further system devastation. Click here  to remove WinBlueSoft immediately.

Automatic Removal of WinBlueSoft from your PC:

Follow the link below and start scanning computer for free in order to reveal hidden infections and locate those visible, as well as to remove  WinBlueSoft and other rogues upon detection. The software we recommend has been tested to prove its ability to be downloaded in spite of that Windows downloader has been disabled by WinBlueSoft.

Download WinBlueSoft Removal Tool

Manual Removal of WinBlueSoft:

Please take a note that virus or trojan that can install WinBlueSoft is not included into the guide for WinBlueSoft removal; use automated WinBlueSoft removal tool to make sure there are no other infections but WinBlueSoft or else to identify infections other than WinBlueSoft; you may then remove them manually if you manage to get the relevant removal guides (search here at and google the name of threats found).
Please, reboot and disconnect to the Internet before the beginning of WinBlueSoft removal as that is a general precaution for malware removal. That implies printing WinBlueSoft removal guide out in advance.

Remove WinBlueSoft files and dll’s

2 Homepage.lnk
3 Uninstall.lnk

Unregister WinBlueSoft registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “WinBlueSoft”

WinBlueSoft Remover with free scan