Description of Win32.Netsky.Q and consequences of its residing on your PC

Win32.Netsky.Q (Win32.Netsky.q, W32.Netsky.q, Win32/Netsky.Q) is another example of a thing that is real and fake at one time.  Remove Win32.Netsky.q if you are really infected with this worm, but there is only one real opportunity to detect Win32.Netsky.q and it is to conduct free scan. Fortunately, Win32.Netsky.q is rather rare infection and very few users are likely to have this system destructor installed at their computers.
However, there is a fake Win32.Netsky.q worm which represents much higher security risks. There is a screenshot below of fake system security alert with central message indirectly prompting to remove Win32.Netsky.q using certain program. The message is generated by trojan and used by a number of fake virus removers of destructive nature as advertising trickery. Clicking Win32.Netsky.q popup activates download of malware and /or redirects user to purchase form of this or that rogue program.
Click here  to remove Win32.Netsky.q popup; avoid using popup blockers which do not remove Win32.Netsky.q popup with its root, i.e. which do not remove the trojan. The popup is less dangerous as is than the trojan in which its source. The above trojan may act as keylogger and hijacker, cause system freezes and finally lead to system collapse.

Win32.Netsky.Q Technical Details

  • Full name: Win32.Netsky.q, Win32.Netsky.q, W32.Netsky.q, Win32/Netsky.Q
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware, Adware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Win32.Netsky.Q Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with Win32.Netsky.Q:

Security Center Alert is the most frequent title of popup referring to Win32.Netsky.q. Popups of no name and with other title also occur. Other titles may read as follows: Security Center Notification, Security Alert. The text of pupup has not been found to vary at all. The color of background may slightly vary. Popup may be blocked by setting security settings of windows to highest level or by weak security program. This, of course, does not remove Win32.Netsky.q related trojan and make things even worse as user does not care about dangerous trojan and may linger out the removals of  Win32.Netsky.q related trojan so that it is likely to end in system crush.
Where we are considering real Win32.Netsky.q, its activity is not announced with popups saying   Win32.Netsky.q is  blocked and thus is rather complicated. Win32.Netsky.q may promote other malware pieces and generate security alerts of general content (e.g. “you have a security problem”) or intercept data user accept and send through the Internet. PC may run slower and with freezes while infected with Win32.Netsky.q. It is recalled that Win32.Netsky.q is not popular and perhaps is eliminated from Internet. The main danger is in trojan generating respective Win32.Netsky.q alert.
Click here  and start free scan and remove Win32.Netsky.q alert or get rid of Win32.Netsky.q worm, by the other words, deliver your PC from evil programs.

Automatic Removal of Win32.Netsky.Q from your PC:

It is not a magic program that is recommended for alert of Win32.Netsky.q removal (here and after we will not mention Win32.Netsky.q worm as a real threat; it has been said and is understood that Win32.Netsky.q worm can be removed by alert of Win32.Netsky.q removal tool).  The secret of it is daily updated database of rogue programs that grants us ability to remove even the newest malware or virus. Automatic tool removes any deviation of trojan responsible for generation of Win32.Netsky.q alert. Follow the link below for free scan initiation and to get rid of Win32.Netsky.q alert once and for all.

Download Win32.Netsky.Q Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Win32.Netsky.Q:

The guidelines below will be regularly updated to be in line with trojan producing Win32.Netsky.q alert development, but there is no warranty that the updates are always in time.  Another problem is that there are variations of this trojan so do not be afraid if you cannot find this or that file and registry record as the instructions for removal of  Win32.Netsky.q alert below are the most extended version to cover all sub-cases.
Reboot computer before and after you remove Win32.Netsky.q alert. Follow the guidelines below precisely to avoid any errors that may lead either to harmless entries deletion or to remaining of dangerous portion of trojan.
Tip: follow the link above to install free copy of the removal tool after completion of manual removal to make sure your PC is free of viruses now.

Remove Win32.Netsky.Q files and dll’s


Unregister Win32.Netsky.Q registry values:


Win32.Netsky.Q Remover with free scan