Description of Win32.worm.Netsky and consequences of its residing on your PC

This article is rather to help you understand the difference between true Win32.Worm.Netsky and popup referring to it than to describe Win32.worm.netsky infection. It is true that Win32.worm.netsky is a real worm, a self-replicable program code propagated with malicious purpose that may carry a payload of different adware and spyware. Every reliable antivirus must be able to detect and remove Win32.worm.netsky. However, even counterfeits based on out-of-date never updated antivirus may detect and remove Win32.worm.netsky. And that is the point: despite Win32.worm.netsky is a real and extremely dangerous threat, its name is now more dangerous than the existing worm. That is, hundreds of fake antispyware tools refer to Win32.worm.netsky mentioning it in its frightful security alerts and including it into scan results consisting of imaginary names mixed up with names of real infections irrespective of their presence at the computer system concerned. Click here to start free scan in order to make sure there are neither adware no worm no other sorts of infections in the memory of your PC or detect and remove Win32.worm.netsky or get rid of Win32.worm.netsky related adware (adware referring to Win32.worm.netsky), as well as to detect and eliminate other infections.

Win32.worm.Netsky Technical Details

  • Full name: Win32.worm.netsky, Worm.Netsky, Netsky
  • Version: 2007-2009
  • Type: Worm, Fake anti-spyware

Signs of being infected with Win32.worm.Netsky:

Win32.worm.netsky is a conventional name used to designate a worm of specific characteristics detectable by any true antivirus. It does not introduce itself to you when infects your computer system; if you have any adware or spyware that might be considered as a hint at Win32.worm.netsky infection as Win32.worm.netsky is one of the most popular carriers of adware and spyware. It is understood there is no certainty about the sort of worm you get until scanning your computer system.
It is much easier to detect adware mentioning in its scary alerts and nag screens the name of Win32.worm.netsky. Important remark: do not confuse adware and true antispyware as they both may detect Win32.worm.netsky; moreover, Win32.worm.netsky is one of few actual infections detectable by several semi-fake antispyware equipped with out-of-date scanners. So, what do you do if you see a message stating Win32.worm.netsky infection is on board? First of all, no panic! If it is online alert, there is no doubt of its relation to rogue antispyware. Just close your browser and reboot. In case of repeating downloading of such alert by your web-browser consider it as a sign of hijacker infection.
Where you see alert displayed by security software installed in your computer system, there are two options:
1. you did not install the software that produced the alert (and you made sure none else could do that): there is adware to remove from your PC as a sort of antispyware counterfeit.
2. you installed the software that supposedly detected Win32.worm.netsky:
– search; in case of matching, remove the exposed adware; if no matching, google the name of that software and find both independent opinion on it and its website. If there is a phone number available at the websites posed as the software home-page, dial it (but make sure it is not a commercial line). As a rule, there are not too many abuses on reliable antispyware at observers’ websites and there is a full contact info provided on the website of such antispyware. If in doubts, please write a comment to this article and it will be considered asap so that you will get the answer whether your antispyware is fake or not.
Click here to run free scan and get rid of Win32.worm.nestky.

Automatic Removal of Win32.worm.Netsky from your PC:

Follow the link below to start free system scan in order to find infections in the memory of your PC and to remove Win32.worm.netsky worm or adware mentioning it for scaring purposes.

Download Win32.Worm.Netsky Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Win32.worm.Netsky:

It is understood that, since dozens of rogue antispyware programs are related to Win32.worm.netsky and they are completely different, all their variety could not be covered in the Win32.worm.netsky removal below Showbox Download App. If you deal with Win32.worm.netsky popup please identify corresponding adware and then search for the adware removal description; if removal-tool search returns no result, try to google name of the adware.
Please make sure there is no Internet connection and software functioning during Win32.worm.netsky removal. The Win32.worm.netsky removal instructions below is for the worm called Win32.worm.netsky.

Remove Win32.Worm.Netsky files and dll’s:


Unregister Win32.Worm.Netsky registry values: