Description of Win Antivirus 2008 and consequences of its residing on your PC

If you accidentally downloaded Win Antivirus 2008 to your computer, or it was installed without your permission and notification, click here to remove Win Antivirus 2008 (WinAntivirus 2008) immediately, or you may just scan your PC free of charge to check whether this or other malware installed in your machine or not. Win Antivirus 2008 was concocted by never-insatiable fraudsters to attack weakly protected computers in order to make naive users buy a license. What is worse, you are not in safety even though purchased that license; neither you are protected in such case from other malware and viruses, nor Win Antivirus 2008 would stop harming your PC. In any case, this product is very rough, even trying to bring no harm it nevertheless cannot be harmless. Slow computer problem and frequent errors in applications’ run would not be eliminated in any of these cases. Get rid of Win Antivirus 2008, this is the only way to save your PC from slow but irreversible destruction by this rogue.

Win Antivirus 2008 Technical Details

  • Full name: Win Antivirus 2008, WinAntivirus 2008, WinAntivirus2008
  • Version: 2008
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware

Win Antivirus 2008 Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Win Antivirus 2008

Signs of being infected with Win Antivirus 2008:

If you installed Win Antivirus 2008 by your own, right after installation you would see pop-up balloon saying that crucial error occurred (or something like this) so that your PC needs immediate treatment; in some cases, especially when some security installed, the pop-up might be banned as your settings did not allow, and misleading scan would immediately launch up. Otherwise, when hidden installation was performed, subject to your system performance and adjustments this malware might be for a certain while unnoticed as no obvious signs of its presence were demonstrated. It is better to get rid of Win Antivirus 2008 while dormancy period is lasting (dormancy period is when malware in not disturbing a user with any pop-ups or fake scans). Click here to detect malware and viruses for free at any moment of their presence in your PC (other threats are detected at once) and remove Win Antivirus 2008 (WinAntivirus 2008).

Automatic Removal of Win Antivirus 2008 from your PC:

Safe and fast removal of Win Antivirus 2008 (WinAntivirus2008) with simultaneous detection and elimination of other threats is available right now; simply follow the link below to remove Win Antivirus 2008 using reliable tool.


Download Win Antivirus 2008 Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Win Antivirus 2008:

Single Win Antivirus 2008 removal may be insufficient as this malware most likely came in a kit of malware; therefore, Win Antivirus 2008 removal tool application is preferable. If you nevertheless have intention to remove Win Antivirus 2008 manually, follow the guidelines below strictly and attentively.

Remove Win Antivirus 2008 files and dll’s:

WinAntiVirus Pro.lnk
Reinstall or Uninstall WinAntiVirus Pro.lnk
WinAntiVirus Pro Manual.lnk

Unregister Win Antivirus 2008 registry values:


Win Antivirus 2008 Remover with free scan