Description of VSCodec Pro and consequences of its residing on your PC

VSCodec Pro is classified as malware, because trojans are involved into its advertisement.  Moreover, we also classify VSCodec Pro as crushware for its interfering with media players. In particular, trojans advertising in such a way VSCodec Pro, block the file while media player are trying to open it.  VSCodec Pro is thus belongs to crushware as it, even if indirectly and without disordering any software, disables it for the period of its presence at the computer system concerned. Remove VSCodec Pro trojans producing nosy alerts for three main reasons. Firstly, to avoid or repair media players disordering; secondly, to get rid of VSCodec Pro advertisement described in the section below  ”Signs of VSCodec Pro…”; thirdly, to prevent your duping into paying hackers for fake codec pack  so that you will save your money and will not provoke hackers to release new scam. Click here to start free scan and get rid of VSCodec Pro scam.

VSCodec Pro Technical Details

  • Full name: VSCodec Pro, VS Codec Pro, VSCodecPro
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Fake video codec, Trojan horse
  • Origin: Russia, Ukraine

VSCodec Pro screenshots:



Signs of being infected with VSCodec Pro:

There are two typical alerts by which you may tell VSCodec Pro trojans from other malware. They read as follows:
The first one:

“Fatal Error
Windows can`t play the folowing media formats:

AVI;WMV;AVS;FLV;MKV;MOV;3GP;MP4;MPG;MPEG;MP3;AAC;WAV;WMA;CDA;FLAC;M4A;MID. Update your video and sound codec to resolve this issue.”

Original spelling retained.
The second one:

“Fatal Error
Fatal Error! The media system on your computer is corrupt. Update your sound and video codec immediately to resolve this issue.”

Ignoring these alerts leads to computer freezing, clicking them opens website offering you to buy VSCodec Pro. The current text of these alerts may be modified and new texts may be introduced as the above trojans have been found to change slightly. Click here to stop the scam and to remove VSCodec Pro.

Automatic Removal of  VSCodec Pro from your PC:

VSCodec Pro trojans are subject to slight modifications and there may be other malware at your PC failure to remove which will almost nullify the effect after VSCodec Pro removal. That is why we are strongly recommending you to follow the link below and scan your computer for free in order to avoid other infections remaining residents of your computer and failure to remove VSCodec Pro trojans due o the temporary divergence of the removal guide and new modification of the above trojans.

Download VSCodec Pro Removal Tool

Manual Removal of VSCodec Pro:

When remove VSCodec Pro scam manually, it is for your computer safety that you follow the following precaution: please reboot and do not run any software until the end of VSCodec Pro removal; you shall have no Internet connection during the removal of VSCodec Pro scam.

Remove VSCodec Pro files and dll’s


Unregister VSCodec Pro registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “mediacodec.exe”

VSCodec Pro Remover with free scan