Description of Virus Sweeper and consequences of its residing on your PC

Virus Sweeper (VirusSweeper) is a tool that pumps our the funds of user to the fund of hackers, so the hackers keep on crating programs like Virus Sweeper with even more zeal until users would not stop verifying what program they are going to buy and trust. It is strongly recommended that you never buy PC security tools without visiting the website of the company-producer and reading its history. If infected by this malware, do not try to remove Virus Sweeper in a traditional way disabling the program, for that may trigger the destructive dlls demanding enormous system resource and deleting programs and system files randomly.  Of course, Virus Sweeper blames for such damage imaginary threats that you need to remove through the registration of Virus Sweeper crushware. Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of Virus Sweeper destructive part but remove Virus Sweeper, i.e. the registration does not stop the processes of slowing computer down and disabling legitimate programs. Click here to start free malware and virus scan using reliable tool for malware. The link will guide you directly to the StopZilla! adjusted for installation at the computer infected with malware to prevent the installation interruption by the malware, which is why we are recommending to download the copy of the program from here.

Virus Sweeper Technical Details

  • Full name: Virus Sweeper, VirusSweeper, Virus-Sweeper
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Virus Sweeper screenshots:

Signs of being infected with Virus Sweeper:

Virus Sweeper removal in advance is possible. Virus Sweeper removal in advance means to remove Virus Sweeper hijacker or trojan downloader, or both of them as they may have been installed in the shadowed mode in advance to advertise, and facilitate the installation of,  Virus Sweeper malware. They are detectable by downloading of online fake virus scanner and strange behavior of Internet browser.
Once the Virus Sweeper badware has been installed onto your computer by the trojan or in more legitimate way, even in case of manual installation without aggressive advertisements, the program attempts to change your system security settings. Such adjustments are aimed first of all to allow the automatic launching of scan within the nag screen of  Virus Sweeper, as well as to avoid the blockage of popping up alerts by Virus Sweeper.
The alerts and nag screen by Virus Sweeper is the sign of malware presence that requires no further explanations.
Click here to start free scan in order to reveal hidden infections and get rid of Virus Sweeper malware and rogue programs related or unrelated with Virus Sweeper.

Automatic Removal of Virus Sweeper from your PC:

Virus Sweeper removal is more than disabling of the program. To get rid of Virus Sweeper removal completely, you need to detect and remove all the constituents of the malware. The manual removal of Virus Sweeper is described at the section above, but it cannot cover the removal of tojans which are installed to support malware, due to the variability of their names and forms. In order to detect and remove Virus Sweeper malware and infections, please follow the link below.

Download Virus Sweeper Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Virus Sweeper:

One may ask whether there is the expediency in Virus Sweeper manual removal, if it does not cover related trojans. Indeed, if the trojans would remain, the effect after Virus Sweeper removal is nullified. However, you may follow the link above in order to detect corresponding trojans and other infection in order to find in the Internet and apply relevant manual removal guides afterwards. Thus, you may remove all the infections manually.
Important precaution: malware removal shall not be conducted when programs in no relation with the Virus Sweeper removal process are active; hence you need to reboot and print Virus Sweeper manual removal instructions prior to the beginning of Virus Sweeper removal process.

Remove Virus Sweeper files and dll’s

Virus Sweeper.lnk

Unregister Virus Sweeper registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform “97680312703”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Virus Sweeper”

Virus Sweeper with free scan