Description of Virus Melt and consequences of its residing on your PC

It is necessary to tell Melt virus (a virus called Melt) from rogue antispyware Virus Melt (VirusMelt). That rogue antispyware is a pretty typical adware promoted mainly thorough the trialware.
There are total of 3 typical schemes of duping users with Virus Melt.
1.    with trialware: users have to install the trial version from any website where it is available for free downloading, or their computers are captured by trojan that arrange the hidden installation of Virus Melt. The trialware  is adware that constantly reminds users of the need to register free trial version of  Virus Melt. You need to remove Virus Melt free trial, for its registration would not save you from further bothering as the full version also requires paying for updates.
2.     with trojan, which is a small easy for hidden installation program redirecting users to purchase form and websites adverting Virus Melt.It is supposed that within this scheme a user should but full version without installing trialware, else the scheme 1 is applicable.
3.    ad banners and popups at partners’ websites redirecting Internet surfing to the websites assuring users that their computers abound with infections and they need to buy Virus Melt. Usually, users have the option to download free trialware at first so that may be the beginning of scheme 1, too.
Virus Melt pretends to scan computer, but neither free nor full version are capable of finding any actual threats. Instead of fighting viruses, Virus Melt fights with users bombarding hundreds of alerts a day on them. That slows down computer and some users may believe that this decrease of computer performance has happened as Virus Melt predicted. Such conclusion is wrong, and number one threat you should remove is likely to be Virus Melt.
Click here in order to scan computer for free and remove Virus Melt, as well as trojan in case it has arranged the installation of and has been installed with Virus Melt, and any other infections revealed.

Virus Melt Technical Details

  • Full name: Virus Melt, VirusMelt, Virus-Melt
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Virus Melt screenshots:

Signs of being infected with Virus Melt:

Virus Melt main window screenshot is represented above. It may slightly vary as the program includes slightly different variants of the skins which may replace each other.
There may be a good opportunity to prevent the installation of Virus Melt removing Virus Melt trojan. Where you have encountered strange behavior of the browser that downloads websites promoting Virus Melt and other strange programs, you may have that trojan.
Trialware of Virus Melt is very nasty program that is hard to ignore. Its scan begins, as a rule, almost immediately as Windows has warmed up. The alerts of Virus Melt have hundreds of different texts, but in a particular case the program may show only few of them, though in another case all of them are demonstrated.
In order to detect the exact location of malware and trojans and to remove Virus Melt, as well as any other rogue programs, click here.

Automatic Removal of Virus Melt from your PC:

This brief study of  Virus Melt does not aim to insist on using the automatic tool for Virus Melt removal; we neither encourage nor discourage manual or automatic removal of  Virus Melt. However, manual guide may not help you to get rid of all the infections, if there is, for example, atypical for Virus Melt trojan, or any independent infections. Follow the link below to get rid of Virus Melt automatically and to clean your computer from other infections, or just to establish whether single removal of Virus Melt is sufficient to get rid of all the rogue programs acting at your computer.

Download Virus Melt Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Virus Melt:

It is explained above that, in addition to Virus Melt, other infections may reside on your computer. Failure to remove them means your PC is still in danger. If you have encountered other infections with the tool recommended for Virus Melt removal and would like to remove them manually, please search this website, Google and any other sources in order to get the appropriate removal guidelines and apply them with due precautions.
Before Virus Melt removal initiation, please print this instruction out, for that will allow you to close every program and disconnect to the Internet for the period of Virus Melt removal. This recommendation of using minimal number of applications is very important and failure to comply with it leads to system disordering and failure to remove Virus Melt.

Remove Virus Melt files and dll’s

Virus Melt.lnk

Unregister Virus Melt registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform “URVMLT[]”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Virus Melt”

Virus Melt Remover with free scan