Description of  Trust Ninja and consequences of its residing on your PC

Trust Ninja (TrustNinja) is just an alter name for software known as   Save Keep and WiniFighter. However, hackers market these rogues as independent products. What they do not share are the websites through which they are promoted, but even webites will be exchanged. It is a common tactic in malware marketing to eliminate one clone, for example Save Keep , and replace it with another, for example Trust Ninja. The replacement means that system of Internet ads and malicious programs-agents which served one, now too much notorious, clone, are now in disposal of another, less unpopular. Perhaps,  Trust Ninja  and Save Keep removal was too frequent request and the rogues were recognized commonly as unwanted software, which advertisement is a participation in the trickery.
You need to remove Trust Ninja as a generator of frequent annoying alerts. They are generated in a way that induces system halt. The only way to get rid of such ads is to get rid of Trust Ninja.
Trust Ninja is available for seemingly legal download at the websites posed as its home-page. Another way of downloading and installation for  Trust Ninja is a backdoor trojan installation. Regardless of the way of downloading and installation, Trust Ninja endeavors to take over host computer system in order that the fake scan and alerts can be played automatically and cannot be banned. These scan and alerts clearly refer to Trust Ninja, so you are unlikely to experience any difficulties in detecting Trust Ninja. Remove Trust Ninja and please do not purchase it as suggested, for that will neither stop it in its noisy activities, nor it will leave hackers fed and unwilling to produce new malware; quite in contrary, buying malware like Trust Ninja is a direct hackers’ stimulation. In order to detect every component of the malware and remove  Trust Ninja once and for all, please click here.  We recommend using proved software to remove counterfeit antimalware like Trust Ninja, for what  you need is a rather complex cleanup which is in competence of complex Trust Ninja removal tool. Please follow the link below to start free malware scan and remove Trust Ninja professionally. Apart from Trust Ninja there may be other rogues at your computer system. Please follow the link above to check your computer system for other rogue entries.
In order to remove Trust Ninja adware safely, please shut down every program and disconnect to the Internet while performing Trust Ninja removal.
subservient and related malware and viruses. Click here to remove Trust Ninja by complex utility that will detect and remove every rogue from your computer system.
Consequences of Trust Ninja activities will be plenty of time wasted for viewing and closing its advertisements, system freezes caused by incompatibility of Trust Ninja with legit software.

Trust Ninja Technical Details

  • Full name: Smart Virus Eliminator, SmartVirusEliminator, Smart VirusEliminator
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

Trust Ninja screenshots:


Signs of being infected with Trust Ninja:

Trust Ninja is normally started automatically upon its instillation or, subject to your system settings, right after the first reboot after its installation.
The main window of Trust Ninja is provided above. It is know to be modified by the developers from time to time so that your Trust Ninja may display different window.
However, if its title is Trust Ninja, there should be no difficulties to detect the malware.
The window invites user to start free scan and to register Trust Ninja trialware. The scan by Trust Ninja is a subsequent displaying of predefined names of files installed with Trust Ninja, In spite of their scary names, these entries are harmless and you need to remove Adware Pro instead of looking for the dummy files.
Naturally the scan is accompanied with scary alerts which lead to the purchase form of Trust Ninja. Click here and start free scan to reveal and locate malware and viruses and remove Trust Ninja, as well as any other infections upon their detection.

Automatic Removal of Trust Ninja from your PC:

Trust Ninja and any sort of trojan, which, as stated above, may be its backdoor installer, as well as any other malware and virus will be detected and removed by automated removal tool. Follow the link below and start free scan and detect malware at your computer system to remove Trust Ninja and infections found automatically or manually. For manual removal, please go to the section below and find relevant manual guides for other findings at this and other computer security blogs.

Download Trust Ninja Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Trust Ninja:

Manual removal is risky as your computer system may be disordered and legit program and data files deleted unless the following safety rule is ignored. Please reboot and disconnect to the Internet and do not run any software during the process of Trust Ninja removal.

Remove Trust Ninja and dll’s:

1 WiniFighter.lnk
2 Homepage.lnk
3 Uninstall.lnk

Unregister Trust Ninja registry values:

1 TrustNinja.lnk
2 Homepage.lnk
3 Uninstall.lnk
* %Program Files%\TrustNinja Software

Trust Ninja Remoer with free scan