Description of Trojan:DOS/Alureon and consequences of its residing on your PC’s

Trojan:DOS/Alureon shares its scripts with a dozen of notorious infections. However, it is quite distinct threat posing a new challenge to antivirus programs.
The rogue, as it names suggest, is a rootkit. True, its codes are embedded into MBR, which is the ultimate depth of integration for any program code.
The way it is integrated enables the infection to efficiently monitor processes executed on computer system. Overwhelming majority of common security suites fall victims of such tactic. Fortunately, there are exceptions. One of such exceptions is the free scanner available here . Apply it and you will get rid of Trojan:DOS/Alureon once and for all.

Technical Details and screenshots:

  • Full name: Trojan:DOS/Alureon, Trojan:DOS/Alureon.e, Trojan:DOS/Alureon.m, Trojan:DOS/Alureon.o
  • Type: Trojan horse, Rootkit
  • Origin: Russian Federation
  • Risk: EXTREME
  • Trojan:DOS/Alureon Manual removal: Possible
  • Trojan:DOS/Alureon automated removal: Recommended

Signs of being infected with Trojan:DOS/Alureon

The rootkit is known to generate its own traffic and connect to specified I.P. addresses. Such activities are run in concealed mode though, therefore extra observations are required for human analyst of antivirus program to detect these developments.
There are no visual symptoms such as that inherent to fake antispyware, of course, that would betray the infection. Notification of your security tool might be the only clear sign.
If your current security systems have failed to remove Trojan:DOS/Alureon, do not hesitate running free scan with the solution available here . This will guarantee safe and quick extermination of any rootkit.

Trojan:DOS/Alureon automatical removal:

Apart from executing its spying and malware supporting tasks the rogue takes care of its own safety by blocking legitimate applications. The technology available on following the link below is protected from such hostile actions of other programs, thus a right choice when you need to remove Trojan:DOS/Alureon.

Trojan:DOS/Alureon Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Trojan:DOS/Alureon:

A rootkit extermination is the most complex cleaning action that could be imagined. Naturally the more complex is the task, the greater is its failure risk.
Please follow the steps below carefully checking the entries to be deleted. You may need to end some processes, if files are not available for deletion. The process names would correspond to the names of blocked files.

Remove Trojan:DOS/Alureon files and dll’s:


Unregister Trojan:DOS/Alureon registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “.exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “”

Trojan:DOS/Alureon removal