Description of Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen consequences of its residing on your PC

Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen removal is what users are googling for instead of removing its source, e.g. to remove XP Internet Security. XP Internet Security very often refers to Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen, though other tricky system utilities are known to mention the name in their scary reports.
Click here to get rid of Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen; to remove Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen certainly does not mean, to the purposes of this computer infection review, to remove the dummy name. Inviting to get rid of Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen we suggest applying true antispyware to remove the counterfeit misleadingly referring to Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen, as well as to deliver your computer system from other infections.

Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen Technical Details

  • Full name: Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen
  • Version: 2010
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware, Trojan horse, Adware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen screenshot (click to enlarge):


Signs of being infected with Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen:

Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen is used in various scan reports by fake antispyware. If you see such a name in any report by application pretending to scan your computer system for viruses, be confident you are dealing with scam. The most popular rogue antispyware to date naming  Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen in its alerts and scan window is  XP Internet Security. A screenshot of its alert stating that XP Internet Security has prevented Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen from accessing the Internet is provided above. Click here to start free scan in order to detect and remove Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen related infections.

Automatic Removal of Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen from your PC:

Manual removal for Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen covers XP Internet Security removal only, since there is a number of apps referring misleadingly to Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen and XP Internet Security is the most popular among them. If you deal with another fake, follow the link below to start free scan and get the name and then search or another computer security website or just google the name of another counterfeit to get relevant manual. Alternatively, use the tool you have downloaded for automated removal of the detected infections or to remove XP Internet Security.

Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen:

Do not run other applications and disable Internet connections after starting safe mode Windows session to ensure safe and complete removal of fake antispyware referring to Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen. This guide covers XP Internet Security removal only. In order to remove another   scamware exploiting Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen for scaring purposes please use the link provided above to run free scan so that you will get the name of your enemy and will be able to find and apply appropriate removal guide or continue using removal tool to get rid of Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen related adware automatically.

Remove Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen files and dll’s:


Unregister Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{FC8A493F-D236-4653-9A03-2BF4FD94F643}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ‘Windows Gamma Display

Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen Remover with free scan

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