Description of TotalAntispyware and consequences of its residing on your PC

The main peculiarity of TotalAntispyware (Total Antispyware) is how it could infect so many thousands of users without being adverted through fake scanners. However, that may mean that its promo-websites are well hidden and none of victims have not yet revealed the address at wide public. What is clear already now is that TotalAntispyware can be installed secretly, and such installation includes the system identity theft. In details, there is a trojan that set Windows to accept its commands as those issued by user. This trojan is usually of Vundo type, and manual removal section of this post covers the removal of trojan typically supporting TotalAntispyware. However, there is no strict rule in this as any trojn may support TotalAntispyware installation. The trojan is probably the most dangerous thing about the malwrae of TotalAntispyware, for that subservient trojan does not serve TotalAntispyware only, as a rule, but it may also facilitate the invasion of other threats to your computer. The worst is that trojan may continue with the identity theft and steal and transmit to remote computer your financial confidential details, so the rascals will dispose of them to their benefits.In order to detect every infection, especially related with TotalAntispyware, and to remove TotalAntispyware malware and trojan, as well as any other rogue revealed, click here .

TotalAntispyware Technical Details

  • Full name: TotalAntispyware, Total-Antispyware, TotalAntispyware
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

TotalAntispyware screenshots:

Signs of being infected with TotalAntispyware:

Naturally, TotalAntispyware behaves according to the typical fashion that most malicious program pretending to be computer security tools follow. It attempts to adjust your Windows in a way that allows the automatic scan window displaying as the system is warming at every new download. That scan window pretends to be a representation of scan process. Since there is no scan as such performed by TotalAntispyware, the scan window is totally fraudulent and, technically, is a media file with several active elements. In addition to the fake scan, there are misleading alerts prompting to register TotalAntispyware. The registration costs 50 dollars and that is the purpose of this malware installation. Once registered, TotalAntispyware eliminates its bothering ads in the form of scan window and alerts, but only for a while. This quiet joy is programmed to last two weeks, and then the history repeats as TotalAntispyware generates ads offering to pay another 20 or 30 or 50 dollars for updates.
If you have TotalAntispyware program, there may also be a trojan at your computer. Its key features are described in the previous section, as well as it is noted that removal of TotalAntispyware trojan is even more important than the removal of TotalAntispyware malware. Click here to detect, allocate and get rid of TotalAntispyware trojan and malware.

Automatic Removal of TotalAntispyware from your PC:

This way to remove TotalAntispyware ensures the removal of practically any actual threat. This tool that we are recommending here is the best solution to our best knowledge and a belief that ideally fits for detection and removal of malware and trojans, but will also detect and remove viruses and other types of infections.
It is certainly your choice how to remove TotalAntispyware and other infections. However, we dare recommend you in any case to follow the link below in order to run free scan and detect all the infections threatening your computer and your privacy. Relevant manual removal guides are usually fundable through in the Internet, in particular here at

Download TotalAntispyware Removal Tool

Manual Removal of TotalAntispyware:

Please follow the instructions below strictly and in prescribed order to avoid the TotalAntispyware removal failure. It is a general precaution that you disconnect to the Internet and close and keep closed every program before you begin to remove TotalAntispyware manually, which is why you need to print out TotalAntispyware removal instruction (below) in advance.

Remove TotalAntispyware files and dll’s


Unregister TotalAntispyware registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “TotalAntispyware”

TotalAntispyware Remover with free scan