Description of Total Security and consequences of its residing on your PC

Likewise most malware programs, Total Security (TotalSecurity) is mainly advertised with its trial (promo) version. However, you are very likely to have experience with absolutely legitimate programs that also provide users with the free trial version to the purpose of advertisement, so the fact of promotion of Total Security with the trialware is not a proof of its malignant nature. The true reasons to remove Total Security that usually means to get rid of Total Security trial version are related to its way of downloading / installation and behavior. Total Security is deemed to be rather a SmitFraud, i.e a program installed by trojan specialized on the shadowed installation of commercial programs trial version. Normally, such programs operate and are advertised in a way that irritates users and harms computer, Total Security is no exception. This program warns users of nonexistent infection and possibility of computer disordering and slowing down if the infections are not removed. The removal is possible, of course, with the registered version of Total Security that users is required to buy. Ignoring these alerts leads to computer disordering. The symptoms vary but normally include Internet browser errors when it either fails to run or open legitimate websites, failure of Windows Downloader and sudden reboots. In addition, Total Security is annoying adware and it is not easy to concentrate on your business when Total Security generates alerts and scans on the permanent basis. Click here  to start free scan in order to detect and get rid of Total Security.

Total Security Technical Details

  • Full name: Total Security, Total Security, Total Security
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Total Security screenshots:

Signs of being infected with Total Security:

Total Security creates the illusion of security applying typical for fake security tools tactic, which is to create scaring alerts and to display window that hackers want user to consider as a scan window. Total Security does not scan computer actually, so that scan window is just window with primitive movie and some links to the purchase page of the malware. Interrupting the scan may lead to system sudden shut-down. Once the scan is over, browser may automatically download webpage of Total Security that explains why it is so important to buy the program’s registered copy.
Total Security may be installed manually or in the tricky fashion, with trojan or through the websites containing malicious scripts. In case of installation with trojan, it is understandable that the trojan had to be installed in advance. The trojan could be detected before it would manage to install the malware as it hijacks the browser and makes it download websites related to the Total Security. If you are observing frequent redirections to websites advertising Total Security, you may have the trojan infection. Hence, you may remove Total Security trojan that would be a prevention of malware invasion.
In order to detect and remove Total Security malware or related trojan, click here to start free scan.

Automatic Removal of Total Security from your PC:

Total Security removal shall never be perfumed through the Add/Remove Programs menu, for that will not remove Total Security basic files, but will launch the destructive part of the program so that may lead to essential malfunctions of legitimate programs and Windows. Remove Total Security automatically to get rid of related threats and any other threats at once, and get the program that will alert you of new infections and remove them timely. Follow the link below to start the process of Total Security removal.

Download Total Security Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Total Security:

In order to make sure the removal of Total Security has been completed and the infection has been removed in full, it is still recommended to follow the link above in order to launch free scan. If any other infections are detected, you may find the relevant removal manuals googling the names of these infections and searching this website.
Please, do not run other applications while removing Total Security, including any test editors and browsers. That requires you to print out this instruction out prior to the beginning of  Total Security removal process.

Remove Total Security files and dll’s

TotalSecurity on the Web.lnk
Uninstall TotalSecurity.lnk
%desktopdirectory%\Total security.lnk
%programs%\Total security\Total security.lnk

Unregister Total Security registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run Totalsecurity

Total Security Remover with free scan