Description of  Total Security 2009 and consequences of its residing on your PC

It is too bad if you have been infected with Total Security 2009 (Total Security) for quite a long period. The estimated duration of critical length for such period is 20 hours of system active state after infection. Once the period is over, a random deletion of files is started by Total Security 2009 with subsequent commands to empty Recycle Bin so that the files cannot be restored afterwards. The deletion is random so that we cannot predict which files will be deleted and, consequentially, which need to be restored. In general, such OS as Windows will inform you of the deletion of crucial system files, at least, but the alerts of host system may be banned by Total Security 2009, too.
The above paragraph is considered to be a description of Total Security 2009 side activities, but it seems to be it is these side activities that should motivate you prior to any other to get rid of Total Security 2009 scam.
Total Security 2009 is rather known as adware, a tool for marketing the same name rogue antispyware. More detailed description of Total Security 2009 adware is provided below as its activities are quite obvious and may serve as signs of Total Security 2009 presence.
Click here to remove Total Security 2009 scam. The notion of Total Security 2009 is not limited to its adware only, but to all the elements involved into its promotion, in particular, downloading and installation agents, browser hijacker, destructive executables and system of Total Security 2009 online advertisement. Naturally we do not suggest you to remove Total Security 2009 online ads as such, we suggest so to those publishing ads of unverified connect and hosting websites pushing malware. However, you can remove Total Security 2009 online ads from your monitor (if applicable) removing the relevant hijacker.

Total Security 2009 Technical Details

  • Full name: Total Security 2009, TotalSecurity 2009, TotalSecurity2009
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

Total Security 2009 screenshots:



Signs of being infected with Total Security 2009:

The swindle of Total Security 2009 may start from your (or another user of your computer system) downloading of fake codec as suggested at one of the numerous dummy websites. Such websites typically pretends to provide a collection of adult movies and require user to download and run codec in order to view those movies online. The codec is a trojan and, in fact, is a downloading agent for  Total Security 2009. It may not succeed in the first and many subsequent attempts to download and install Total Security 2009 so that you may prevent adware intrusion removing Total Security 2009 trojan in a good time. Сlick here to check your system for the above trojan and get rid of Total Security 2009 scam immediately
There are at least two other ways for Total Security 2009 to become a resident of your computer system. They require manual downloading and /or installation eventually and do not necessarily include your (or another user of your computer system) downloading of fake codec as suggested at one of the numerous dummy websites. It is unlikely, though, that the users will expose Total Security 2009 until its adware installed.
The adware typical view is provided in the section above. It is a typical front window, which is known to be a subject to slight modifications. That window appears automatically after the very first reboot following Total Security 2009 adware installation. Within that window a scan is started, either by user’s order or also automatically if a user is lingering. That scan is a representation of real names designating harmless files mixed up with pure imaginations of the hackers. Prior to the scan window and after user will have managed to close it, Total Security 2009 alerts in different chromes are being demonstrated. In general, Total Security 2009 is generating them continuously through the duration of each Windows session These alerts in variable expressions suggest to pay the fee for Total Security 2009 activation.

Automatic Removal of Total Security 2009 from your PC:

Automated tool to remove Total Security 2009 is a complex of timely updated database of infections like Total Security 2009 and of essentially different types like virus and rootkits, and of relevant removal agents. Hence applying Total Security 2009 removal tool not only complete removal of Total Security 2009 scam is ensured, but the removal of every infection is provided. Follow the link below to start free scan and remove Total Security 2009.

Download Total Security 2009 Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Total Security 2009:

Please reboot, disconnect to the Internet and do not run any software while performing Total Security 2009 removal in manual mode.

Remove Total Security 2009 and dll’s:

Total Security 2009.lnk
Uninstall Total Security 2009.lnk

Unregister Total Security 2009 registry values:


Total Security 2009 Remover with free scan