Description of Total Defender and consequences of its residing on your PC

Total Defender (TotalDefender) can really make your PC totally defenseless and operating system totally unrestorable, unless you remove Total Defender in a good time. That means, after certain moment when the level of destructions has become crucial to fix anything, the only way to get rid of Total Defender is system reinstallation, preferably, accompanied with disk format.
It is tactic of marketing applied by hackers having developed and pushing now malware of Total Defender, to install Total Defender trial secretly or make user install it through bothering suggestions. Then, the trialware would start deleting system and program files thus destroying your programs and system. It may connect to remote computers and download viruses and worms and trojans to strengthen the destructions; simultaneously, a user keeps on receiving messages invoking to buy registered Total Defender through the popping up alerts and large program window with fake scan. Click here  to start free scan and remove Total Defender, as well as to detect and remove bundled infections.

Total Defender Technical Details

  • Full name: Total Defender, TotalDefender
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation, http://total-defender com

Total Defender Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with Total Defender:

Total Defender’s screenshot is provided above. The window you can see should be screened at a constant basis once the user of infected machine has started another Windows session. If the window fails to appear, it may be inherent error of Total Defender trial particular copy or the consequence of special Windows settings configuration blocking self-launching programs. Before the installation of trialware, there may have been frequent redirections to the websites entitled free scanners of Total Defender. It is possible to prevent malware of  Total Defender invasion by removing Total Defender’s trojan that is the organizer of such redirections. Besides redirections, the trojan slows down affected system and may arrange hidden malware upload. If Total Defender’s window is not screened but you can see alerts, usually near system tray, prompting you to register Total Defender’s trial copy, you are also infected. Click here to start free scan and thus detect and remove Total Defender and relevant trojan.

Automatic Removal of Total Defender from your PC:

Not can just Total Defender’s trial copy, full version and any related rogues be detected and removed with the Total Defender removal tool, all other infection will be detected and eliminated as well. That means, if you remove Total Defender automatically, total system cleanup is guaranteed. It is a wise decision, even if you prefer Total Defender removal with the manual malware instructions, to follow the link below to disclose all the threats present at your PC and remove Total Defender and rogue exposed afterwards in the way you would choose. Relevant instructions for removal of rogues related and unrelated may be found at this and other websites dedicated to contemporary Internet security problems.

Download Total Defender Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Total Defender:

There is always an option to remove malware manually. The above section, however, explains why you need to click the link above at least to check what other threats are to be eliminated.
Be careful and attentive during Total Defender removal in the manual mode. Failure to remove Total Defender likewise any other malware may be often caused by non-conformity of actually typed commands to the text of malware manual guide below.
You need to pint the guide out in order to read it without opening text editor and web browser. It is strongly recommended to close every program while the Total Defender removal is in progress.

Remove Total Defender files and dll’s


Unregister Total Defender registry values:

“Antivirus” = “%ProgramFiles%\TotalDefender\TotalDefender.exe”

Total Defender Remover with free scan