Description of Threat Nuker and consequences of its residing on your PC

Threat Nuker (ThreatNuker) is a fake complex system protection tool based on free malware removal engine. That tool is free and the protection it provides is far not enough to make its users secured from recent threats, for this free engine is just a scanner that is updated extremely randomly and rarely. That is not a fault of its developers, because this free engine was developed to the purpose of further improvement by experts who may indeed develop good antimalware / antivirus tool updating the free tool systematically and in time.
The rascals pushing Threat Nuker, instead of improving poor antimalware tool that it is based on by extending its database of out-of-date infection descriptions, have removed some files responsible for detection of rogue programs, so that even the detection of out-of-date infection is hardly possible with Threat Nuker. You may remove Threat Nuker as a tool absolutely useless in terms of infections detection and removal.
However, there are more strong reasons to remove Threat Nuker. Its annoying behavior is described in next section and users usually say they are going to get rid of Threat Nuker due to its ads that bother them. What is really dangerous is listing of system and program files with indication of path in the scan results. However, there are two versions of Threat Nuker; one indicates the path, another does not. Please, do not trust in the scan results of Threat Nuker and do not try to remove files listed among the scan results, if the path indicated, by your own. Unfortunately, Threat Nuker will do this later on instead of you, but normally it takes time; as one may have already understood, all these trickeries and malicious harm are performed as advertisement campaign aimed to frighten users into buying the full version of Threat Nuker. The trialware is installed in more or less trick fashion; if with trojan, be aware that the trojan is dangerous too, so that you would better remove Threat Nuker related infection. Click here to start free scan and get rid of Threat Nuker, a well as of any other infections, especially those in relation with Threat Nuker.

Threat Nuker Technical Details

  • Full name: Threat Nuker, ThreatNuker, Threat-Nuker
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Threat Nuker screenshot:

Signs of being infected with Threat Nuker:

The design of Threat Nuker behavior may be represented in three quite distinct stages:
1.    1-10 days after installation: the program starts free scan once Windows is downloaded; rare misleading alerts appear; any substantial changes in the Windows performance are not observed.
2.    10-40 days after installation: the program keeps starting free scan once Windows is downloaded, and now the scan can hardly be interrupted and such attempts may lead to system reboot; alerts appear in the increasing frequency; Windows may run slower than ever and some system and program files may be removed or damaged, that creates system and program errors.
3.    after 40 days: the program keeps starting free scan once Windows is downloaded, and now the scan can hardly be interrupted and such attempts may lead to system reboot; alerts are produced very often and it is very hard to concentrate on any business;  Windows runs more and more slowly, some programs may be out of order. System crush is possible. This is the typical chronological description of Threat Nuker behavior that is obtained by the method of speeding up the program in hundred times. As you see, the sooner you remove Threat Nuker, the better. Click here to launch free scan in order to detect and remove Threat Nuker at the earliest opportunity.

Automatic Removal of Threat Nuker from your PC:

Threat Nuker is quite typical malware, and it is typical in its installation methods that include the installation with trojan, in particuliar. In such case, the trojan has likely installed other rogues, and its activities is another risk for your computer. That is why complex tool for infections removal is the best solution to get rid of Threat Nuker with all its supporters. Follow the link below to start free scan and remove Threat Nuker using StopZilla! that we dare recommend as a great tool for complex removal of all types of infections. However, if you would like to remove Threat Nuker manually, it is still expedient to scan computer following the link below (free scan) in order to make sure there are no other rogue to remove. If any, relevant removal tips may be searched at this website and in other sites of Internet.

Download Threat Nuker Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Threat Nuker:

Please, do not disregard the advice of printing this instruction out that all experts agree with. If any unnecessary program is active during the removal of Threat Nuker, that may cause system freeze or other undesirable effect that will create WinCleaner removal failure and even damage Windows or certain programs. Pay special attention to Internet connection that should be disabled.

Remove Threat Nuker files and dll’s


Unregister Threat Nuker registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “Threat Nuker”

Threat Nuker Remover with free scan