Description of TDSS (TDL3) consequences of its residing on your PC

TDSS, alternate name TDL3, is a rootkit. It targets Windows OS. Any Windows version is vulnerable to TDSS.
The mission of TDSS  (TDL3) is to facilitate commercial scamware like rogue antispyware. In particular, TDSS  (TDL3) is programmed to upload and run other malwares  and capable of executing them; in addition, it may download advertisement websites and block other software, which hackers considers able to remove TDSS (TDL3) or which functionality is restricted for the sake of scaring users. Click here to launch free system scan in order to detect and remove TDSS, (TDL3).

TDSS (TDL3) Technical Details

  • Full name: TDSS (TDL3) rootkit
  • Version: 2010
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware, Trojan horse
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Signs of being infected with TDSS (TDL3):

Unlike self-advertising counterfeits of system utilities TDSS (TDL3) does not betray itself as it shows no nag screens and, finally, is not for sale. However, it is used by a number of counterfeits as a supportive malicious program so that having adware on board hints at likely TDSS (TDL3) infection.
Besides, TDSS (TDL3) is known to intercept Google and other searches opening other websites instead of those returned for the specific search. Those websites are not necessarily illegal and their owners are not necessarily to be blamed for using TDSS (TDL3) as unfair ad tool.
You may also suspect  TDSS (TDL3) to infect your PC if you are deprived of access to one, few or many apps, as well as if you cannot open various web-pages, e.g. if  it has ever happened to you that you could not open
Get rid of  TDSS (TDL3) rootkit in order to unblock legit websites and apps  or/and to avoid further restricting of your access to various apps and websites. Click here to start free scan in order to detect and remove TDSS (TDL3).

Automatic Removal of TDSS (TDL3) from your PC:

Naturally TDSS (TDL3) removal as such is unlikely to deliver your computer system from all its enemies, just because TDSS (TDL3) is known to be a secret downloader for a number of other malwares. Follow the link below to ensure that you remove TDSS (TDL3), as well as all other unwanted entries.

TDSS (TDL3) Removal Tool

Manual Removal of TDSS (TDL3):

Manual TDSS (TDL3) is rather for advanced users and requires from them to strictly follow the TDSS (TDL3) removal steps. Before starting to remove TDSS (TDL3) manually, restart your Windows in Safe Mode and have no software acting and no Internet connection enabled over the period of TDSS removal.

Remove TDSS (TDL3) files and dll’s:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\_VOIDmainqt.dll

Unregister TDSS (TDL3) registry values:


TDSS (TDL3) Remover with free scan

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