Description of System Tool 2011 consequences of its residing on your PC

First entries of the family that includes, according to the common conclusion, this program, were detected in 2008. It is not a family of great number, but great effort is applied to promote every product released.
Remove System Tool 2011 (SystemTool 2011) and get a reliable antivirus tool. Click here to get it and start free scan. The family above is a group of programs released by one and same hackers. The programs  pretend to look for viruses and other security issues. Some of them are clones for preceding or following releases of the family and all of them share at least one essential compnent. System Tool 2011 loads tons of popups and is spread by virus and fake online ads, e.g. pretended scanners.

System Tool 2011 Technical Details

  • Full name: System Tool 2011, System-Tool 2011, SystemTool 2011
  • Version: 2011
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian federation

Signs of being infected with System Tool 2011:

Analysis of behavior of the adware  in comparison with other  infections established selective inheritance of certain traits by System Tool 2011 from preceding rogue software products of its family. Like the very first adware which name is often used to designate the group of fake antivirus tools, namely WinWeb Security, System Tool 2011 may show alert stating that Internet Explorer or another browser is injected with so and so worm, virus and trojan. In a while, users figure out that the browser or another program reported infected malfunctions or fails to start .
Of course, the rogue program has its user’s interface. It is  very similar to that of SecurityTool, just like the names of the two programs are almost the same. The program also generates alerts very similar to those shown by the above malware.
Peculiarity of this rogue antispyware is a big alert stating, in particular, that all you do with your computer is forever stored in your hard drives. The main message of this alert is that the data stored at your PC may compromise you.
Majority of alerts and nag screens  indicate their origin  using the name of the program in their titles and bodies so that identification of the  program has never been reported a challenge by users of compromised computers. Click  here to locate the threat and start its removal or to detect it in the unlikely case of luck of its clear identification signs.

Automatic Removal of System Tool 2011 from your PC:

True security tool will remove the fake one and detect and exterminate other infections. It will provide security for your computer system for future periods upon request.

System Tool 2011 Removal Tool

Manual Removal of System Tool 2011:

You will not be able to get rid of System Tool 2011 manually until you stop its processes or prevent their launching, for you will not be able to remove System Tool 2011 exe files. The processes will not be allowed to self-launch in Safe Mode. To activate this mode, reboot, press F11 and select it using arrow key is the menu to appear. Otherwise, end the process in the Task Manger. The process(es) to be ended has(have)   name(s) of exe file(s) below.

Remove System Tool 2011 files and dll’s:

%UserProfile%\Desktop\System Tool.lnk
%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\System Tool.lnk

Unregister System Tool 2011 registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\System Tool
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “5648541024″

System Tool 2011 Remover with free scan