Description of System Guard Center and consequences of its residing on your PC

System Guard Center (SystemGuardCenter) is marketed as a three-in-one computer security solution. The developers promise that System Guard Center protects computers of users who have installed and registered System Guard Center from the risks in the following field: privacy violations, errors in system functioning and spyware. Once its trial or full version is installed, a user may see a nag screen of System Guard Center divided horizontally in three sections, each pretends to represent scan in one of three above fields, respectively. What you should know is that System Guard Center cannot perform a simplest kind of scan that is a scan for rogue applications. Such scan is the simplest as it requires to be considered as such, in general, just ability to get general information about files stored on your computer. It does not conflict with the statement that scan for Spyware is the most complicated, owing to that it requires permanent monitoring of Internet for new threats to deleiver high quality protection to the computers the antispyware is protecting. A simple spyware scan does not require much and some obviously tricky applications perform its, but they are able to detect only out-of-date threats or all-in-all can detect three or four applications to imitate more realistically activity of true antispyware. System Guard Center neither does any files investigation nor privacy and errors scans. Remove System Guard Center as it only occupies space on the hard disk of the computer and intentionally slow computer down demanding exceeding system resources. Unless you remove System Guard Center, even dvd player will work with errors and OS will freeze on the regular basis. Besides, System Guard Center gets on your nerves with its ads leaving you no chance to forget of this malware. Click here to launch free computer inspection in order to determine and remove System Guard Center and similar threats.

System Guard Center Technical Details

  • Full name: System Guard Center, SystemGuardCenter, SystemGuard Center, System GuardCenter
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation /

System Guard Center screenshot:

Signs of being infected with System Guard Center:

System Guard Center is usually installed as a trialware. Otherwise, System Guard Center must be paid to be installed as a full version. The trialware does not differ much from the full version. The full version has the same enormous requirements to the system resources and runs its misleading scans in the annoying manner. In a while, the full version will demand paid updates so that you need to remove System Guard Center full version like you would get rid of System Guard Center trial. The trial, in addition to the scan that repeats with every another Windows session, generates fake security alerts that finally lead user to the online purchase form of System Guard Center. Click here to start free scan and remove System Guard Center, as well as any other rogues that the tool may find.

Automatic Removal of System Guard Center from your PC:

We have missed to mention that the ways of System Guard Center installation differ from case to case but are quite standard for malware and usually more or less tricky. They may include installation of partners’ malware or subservient trojans. We are mentioning this here to explain why remove System Guard Center automatically. System Guard Center removal in the manual mode will ensure other threats removal and total system cleanup. If you would like to remove System Guard Center and other infections manually, it is still very reasonable to follow the link below and scan computer free of charge in order to detect other rogue posing challenge to your computer. The corresponding manual removal tips are normally available searching this and similar sites in the Internet.

Download System Guard Center Removal Tool

Manual Removal of System Guard Center:

Please, do not disregard the general safety requirement to the malware removal. Print these instructions out and remove System Guard Center having closed every program or better rebooted. Make sure that Internet connection is disabled. To be absolutely sure, you may unplug the modem.

Remove System Guard Center files and dll’s

System Guard Center.lnk
Purchase License.lnk
Uninstall.lnk base.dat

Unregister System Guard Center registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”System Guard Center” = “%ProgramFiles%\System Guard Center\systemgc.exe.exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\System Guard Center

System Guard Center Remover with free scan