Description of  SystemFighter and consequences of its residing on your PC

System Fighter (SystemFighter) has been developed from out-of-date system security software dressed up in nice-looking skins and enriched with dummy names automatically inserted into the scan results displayed by the adware. It is strongly recommended to remove System Fighter adware at the  earliest opportunity due to the threat of legit software damaging caused by its activities. It is understood that another reason to get rid of System Fighter is that the rogue is extremely annoying and may drive you out of your wits with its alerts and nag screens. Click here to perform safe and fast System Fighter removal.

SystemFighter Technical Details

SystemFighter screenshot (click to enlarge):

System Fighter

Signs of being infected with SystemFighter:

Starting from the very first Windows session after its installation System Fighter shows its front window  that transforms into scan window and displays other messages in the form of  System Fighter warnings and alerts disguised as Windows alerts.
The scan by System Fighter is half true but always ineffective as only the simplest threats can be detected by the devices included into System Fighter. Even if such infections cannot be found you will get the scan results of great number and variety as there are fabricated names included into the results regardless of the presence of true infections on board of your PC.
Click here to start free scan and detect and remove System Fighter adware and other infections found.

Automatic Removal of SystemFighter from your PC:

System Fighter removal may require, in order to deliver the infected system of all its infections, to remove System Fighter related infections, i.e. System Fighter removal may be not limited to System Fighter removal only. To apply the appropriate software and remove System Fighter infections completely follow the links below to start free scan.

Download System Fighter Removal Tool

Manual Removal of SystemFighter:

Even in case you are going to remove System Fighter adware manually, please consider the expediency of following the link below at least to perform free scan and thus ensure there no other infections but System Fighter to remove from your computer system or to know the names of all infections at your PC.
Please reboot before applying the outlined below System Fighter removal steps, turn Internet connection off and make sure there no software running until finishing System Fighter removal process.

Remove System Fighter files and dll’s:

1 SystemFighter.lnk
2 Homepage.lnk
3 Uninstall.lnk

Unregister System Fighter registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “zsx1.tmp.exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “SystemFighter”

System Fighter Remover with free scan