Description of System Diagnostic and consequences of its residing on your PC

System Diagnostic (SystemDiagnostic) does not let absolutely harmless programs fulfill their tasks properly. It is not a rare occasion when it prevents them from launching. Therefore it sounds like irony that the program is marketed as a security tool.
There was no need to download and install program for many users as the adware was dropped by trojan installer.  Others, who deliberately installed this software product, were misinformed by its online scanner or another advertisement.
Failure to remove System Diagnostic keeps useful programs oppressed and allows the adware to annoy you with its groundless statements. System Diagnostic remover and associated free scanner download link is here .

System Diagnostic Technical Details:

  • Full name: System Diagnostic, System-Diagnostic, SystemDiagnostic
  • Version: 2011
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian federation

Signs of being infected with System Diagnostic:

Neither System Diagnostic alerts nor any other notifications are to be deemed true while the adware is in action, for it generates two types of windows: first type widows include its name while second type windows do not.
The second type windows are typically shown before those directly referring   to the program name. They may indirectly refer to the program name though being linked to its website or the first type windows.
If you are uncertain of the adware presence and/or to get rid of System Diagnostic, download free scanner here.

System Diagnostic automatical removal:

Since the adware is known to interfere with other apps, weak AV tool may fail to uninstall System Diagnostic and clean its residual being disabled by the adware itself. The link below provides strong antimalware that readily and easily prevents the adware aggression toward the antimalware installation and functioning and then completes the adware removal, as well as detection and deletion of other rogue entries.

System Diagnostic Removal Tool

Manual Removal of System Diagnostic:

Applying manual method of System Diagnostic disposal please do not try to uninstall the software before proceeding to the steps below. The precaution is made to your system safety purpose.

Remove System Diagnostic files and dll’s:

%Desktop%System Diagnostic.lnk
%Programs%System Diagnostic
%Programs%System DiagnosticSystem Diagnostic.lnk
%Programs%System DiagnosticUninstall System Diagnostic.lnk

Unregister System Diagnostic registry values:

HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “[random]”
HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “[random].exe”

System Diagnostic Remover with free scan

System Diagnostic