Description of SysAntivirus 2009 and consequences of its residing on your PC

SysAntivirus 2009 (Sys Antivirus 2009) was detected by malware watchers as another fake antispyware at the beginning of the year of 2009. This program was reported irremovable using standard approaches by dozens of users; most of them could not define the way it had been installed. SysAntivirus 2009 was caught as a program powered by trojans of different types. These trojans explain why users could not understand the way they were infected as the trojans are well-known mediators in malware installations that bring the malware quietly to the computer concerned. In addition, trojans may delete files and issue commands destabilizing functioning of operating system.  The reason why they perform this function is their easy weight and experience that grant them more chances to be installed and then arrange the installation of malware.  Failure to remove SysAntivirus 2009 related trojan does not eliminate the danger completely even if malware of SysAntivirus 2009 removal. Click here  to start free computer scan and get rid of SysAntivirus 2009 including the related trojan. Our special attention to the trojan serving SysAntivirus 2009 does not mean the malware is an angel on the background of the trojan. Quite in contrary, impact of the malware is much harder and one needs to remove SysAntivirus 2009 first of all.

SysAntivirus 2009 Technical Details

  • Full name: SysAntivirus 2009, Sys Antivirus 2009, SysAntivirus2009
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation /

SysAntivirus 2009 Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with SysAntivirus 2009 :

SysAntivirus 2009 is a standard fake antispyware that lists numerous threats in its scan window. The scan window is generated automatically. It usually overlaps all other windows and is displayed almost immediately as Windows has been loaded.
The threats name may be real and even reference to the true security blogs describing the threats behavior may be provided. The only non-conformity is that these threats are unlikely to be actually present at the computer where SysAntivirus 2009 is installed. In order to delete these “threats” a  user is advised to register (i.e. to pay for) SysAntivirus 2009. Our tip and earnest request is to remove SysAntivirus 2009 asap.
There is also a possibility to remove SysAntivirus 2009 subservient trojan earlier as it could be detected prior to the fulfillment of its task to install malware in the shadowed mode. If you have noticed that you browser had been redirected to the websites promoting SysAntivirus 2009, consider this a sign of troajn infection. 9 cases in 10 websites praising SysAntivirus 2009 are visited because of the trojan.
In case the scan by SysAntivirus 2009 is not performed after malware has been installed, the alerts of small size are nevertheless should appear at the desktop toolbar. These alerts would also prompt users to install SysAntivirus 2009. If neither scan nor alerts are screened, you are likely to have pop-up blocking software installed. This is however not a solution since it blocks pop-ups but not avoids files deletions and system disordering. The only right way is to remove SysAntivirus 2009.

Automatic Removal of SysAntivirus 2009  from your PC:

Following the link below you are launching download of free scanner. Having completed the free scan, you have to options of SysAntivirus 2009 removal: to remove SysAntivirus 2009 automatically and to remove SysAntivirus 2009 manually.

Download SysAntivirus 2009 Removal Tool

Manual Removal of SysAntivirus 2009:

If the free scan has exposed other threats, first of all relevant trojan, manual removal of SysAntivirus 2009 would be ineffective unless you get rid of other rogues found. You may try to find appropriate guidelines for discovered rogue programs removal searching this website and Internet using major search engines.
Please, do not get rid of SysAntivirus 2009 with unengaged in the removal process programs functioning. That is very dangerous and may lead to system collapse.  That is why you need to have the SysAntivirus 2009 manual removal instructions printed out before initiating the process.

Remove SysAntivirus 2009 files and dll’s

SysAntivirus 2009.lnk
Uninstall SysAntivirus 2009.lnk
Register SysAntivirus 2009.lnk

Unregister SysAntivirus 2009 registry values:

“Antivirus” = “%ProgramFiles%\

SysAntivirus 2009 Remover with free scan