Description of Spyware.IEMonster.b and consequences of its residing on your PC

Warning! If you have seen alert stating that Spyware.IEMonster.b probably infected your system, your system is truly infected. What is false, though, is that Spyware.IEMonster.b has infected your operating system. Honestly, it is very unlikely that such spyware exists, but such spyware as XPAntivirus (XP Antivirus) exists indeed and is quite dangerous. Even if you purchase the license, you won?t just waste your money, but get a spy in your PC. We strongly recommend to get rid of Spyware.IEMonster.b pop-ups generator. If you click on yes in the warning window, you will be redirected to ( please, do not visit this web-page as every second visit lasting at least one second leads to the infection of system with normal security preferences and typical protective tools installed). Click here to remove Spyware.IEMonster.b (pop-up) or XPAntivirus (XP Antivirus) promotional program, by the other words.

Spyware.IEMonster.b Technical Details

  • Full name: Spyware.IEMonster.b
  • Type: Spyware, Adware
  • Origin: Russian Federation
  • Related threats: XP Antivirus

Spyware.IEMonster.b Message:

WINDOWS ALERT:Critical Systems Warning!

Your system is probably infected with version of Spyware.IEMonster.b Spyware.IEMonster.b is spyware that attempts to steal passwords from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox Outlook and other programs, including logings and passwords from online  baking sessions,EBay, PayPal. It may also create special tracking files to log your activity and compromise your Internet Xpantivirus privacy. Spyware.IEMonster then sends stolen passwords and other sensitive information to a php script at a pre specified website where stolen details are logged Click  here to protect your computer (recommended) ok or cancel.


Signs of being infected with Spyware.IEMonster.b:

Spyware.IEMonster.b pop-up generator may be quiet for months. Usually, though, pop-up stating that you are infected should appear immediately after installation of this hijacker completed. In the  latter case, you should pay attention to your system performance. If the speed of your computer and especially Internet connection is less than ever (even if not too much, a slight but persistent 2008 change), it is recommended to scan your PC. Click here to detect and remove Spyware.IEMonster.b pop-up generator.

Automatic Removal of Spyware.IEMonster.b from your PC:

When users remove Spyware.IEMonster.b pop-up generator automatically from their drives, usually plenty of other trash like malware, spyware, annoyware, dialers, hijackers, worms and viruses is  removed at once. That is why we recommend using the tool to ensure removal of Spyware.IEMonster.b hijacker, but not only for this, the tool detects and removes every other dirt too. Click the link below to get rid of Spyware.IEMonster.b generator automatically.

Download Spyware.IEMonster.b Removal Tool

Download Spyware.IEMonster.b Removal Tool for Windows Vista


Manual Removal of Spyware.IEMonster.b:

Manual removal though dangerous it may be in case if performed by users without appropriate skills, can be performed following the guidelines below.

Remove Spyware.IEMonster.b files and dll?s


Unregister Spyware.IEMonster.b registry values:


Spyware.IEMonster.b Remover with free scan