Description of SpywareGuard 2008 and consequences of its residing on your PC

Year of 2008 is about to be close to its end. The question is whether all fake removers named after this year will have ended before 2009 or will have not. SpywareGuard 2008 (SpywareGuard2008 or  Spyware Guard 2008) leaving the lyrics to poets, is the outstanding malicious program; the ground for such statement is that SpywareGuard 2008 has already had many victims suffered of its trickeries despite of its young age even in terms of malware.
SpywareGuard 2008 removal is better to be done without long-lasting hesitations. This rogue considerably slows down your computer speed and creates extra pressure on the memory so that wear and tear of equipment, without exaggerations, is multiplied in thousands times.
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SpywareGuard can be installed at the victim’s computer using various mainly unfair tactics. Without having at least core protection it is very dangerous to surf the web paying no attention to the safety of sites visited. Such flippancy often provides for hackers great opportunity to download secretly SpywareGuard and other rogues.

SpywareGuard 2008 Technical Details

  • Full name: SpywareGuard 2008
  • Version: 2008
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation \

SpywareGuard 2008 Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with SpywareGuard 2008:

SpywareGuard 2008 displays fake scanner online; people are drawn through various trickeries to the page of this scan. This page is unsafe itself. Immediately close the online scan window if you see it; and if you see it, this is a good reason to check your PC for presence of malware and, in general, this is a sign of malware presence.
In a while after the download SpywareGuard 2008 generates another scan from the installed trial version. This scan ends with the request for registration to remove threats discovered during the scan. All the results are false positives. Detect and remove true malware such as SpywareGuard 2008 instead of hunting the fake threats discovered by this ghost buster.
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Automatic Removal of SpywareGuard 2008 from your PC:

We could list a number of benefits as evidence  that to get rid of SpywareGuard 2008 is the best way to remove SpywareGuard 2008; however, if you believe that manual removal would be enough, remove SpywareGuard 2008 manually and do not pay attention to any suggestions.  The only thing we are still recommending zealously is to scan your PC free of charge to ensure that there is no other malware and viruses to remove.

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Manual Removal of SpywareGuard 2008 :

Please, concentrate duly on SpywareGuard 2008 removal; it is of crucial importance to remove SpywareGuard 2008 in full correspondence with the instructions below; failure to comply with the instruction requirements leads to malware removal failure.

Remove SpywareGuard 2008 files and dll’s

Spyware Guard 2008.lnk

Unregister SpywareGuard 2008 registry values:

CurrentVersion\Run\”spywareguard” = “C:\Program Files\Spyware Guard 2008\spywareguard.exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Spyware Guard
CurrentVersion\Uninstall \Spyware Guard 2008

SpywareGuard 2008 Remover with free scan