Description of Spyware Protector (SpywareProtector) and consequences of its residing on your PC

Spyware Protector is another issue to be listed in malware databases, since Spyware Protector removal is a prerequisite of safe computer operation. Click here to detect this and other malware by free scanner and choose how to remove Spyware Protector, as well as other malware detected.
Spyware Protector considerably slows down your computer and makes too much noise; one should have nerves of steel to take all its scan movies and pop-ups. What is worse, the noise that Spyware Protector makes is accompanied with real computer destruction, and source of this destruction is Spyware Protector too. It often makes such simple dirt as erasing disk marking. By the way, this should work and many users have complained they were infected with Spyware Protector trial version or installed it as it was offered for free, and so after this, when they were about to remove Spyware Protector because of its groundless noises, disk marking was erased and this was accompanied with alerts and pop-ups by Spyware Protector saying virus had damaged your PC. It is understood that seeing such a timely notification, many victims changed their mind and paid for Spyware Protector services. However, then Spyware Protector made users stare,  since, of course, malware removal tool cannot provide such treatment as restoring disk marking. Windows reinstallation is needed in such a case as this seems to be a crucial error, unfortunately. However, you can rather happily run your Windows with basic marking destroyed, use standard Explorer from Standard Programs section at your Start Menu to navigate through your disks when their marking erased, but do not click on a disk when it is screened at right as My Computer is opened. Level down the Explorer’s Tree to the folder to be opened and you would wonder that life did not stop with broken disks borders.

Spyware Protector (SpywareProtector) Technical Details

  • Full name: Spyware Protector, SpywareProtector
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Spyware Protector (SpywareProtector) Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with Spyware Protector (SpywareProtector):

SpywareProtector has a number of routes to infect computers in the Internet. Most of them are not fair, as users are not notified about SpywareProtector upload. However, there is no opportunity to be unaware of its installation as scan window should appear immediately after the installation and then each time Windows starts.
Since trojan could install Spyware Protector, this installation is usually a long-lasting procedure of customizing system security settings and disabling Windows basic security functions to enable Spyware Protector produce its scan and pop-ups. Fortunately, Windows would restore them automatically so that you system is not exposed totally helpless facing aggressive web-environment.  While trojan is adjusting Windows, a user already can remove SpywareProtector and all its fellows, no matter neither pop-ups nor fake scan window are screened yet. . Click here  to scan your PC for free to get rid of Spyware Protector, as well as to remove malware and viruses threatening your safety.

Automatic Removal of Spyware Protector (SpywareProtector) from your PC:

Spyware Protector is dangerous itself. However, Spyware Protector may upload other rogues to strengthen the influence or in order to give the way for partner’s project of web-rascaldom. Use complex utility to remove Spyware Protector, removing any related dirt at once. Needless to say, good removal tool must remove any malware and restore basic destruction after their activities. We recommend clicking the link below for free download of such one to get rid of Spyware Protector.

Download Spyware Protector (SpywareProtector) Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Spyware Protector (SpywareProtector):

Reboot system before and after you remove Spyware Protector. Follow the instructions attentively and precisely step by step to avoid Spyware Protector removal failure.

Remove Spyware Protector (SpywareProtector) files and dll’s

SpywareProtector 1.32.lnk
SpywareProtector Website.lnk

Unregister Spyware Protector (SpywareProtector) registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “SpywareProtector”

Spyware Protector (SpywareProtector) Remover with free scan