Description of SpyEraser and consequences of its residing on your PC

SpyEraser (Spy Eraser) is likely to be a pioneer in fake antispyware family or a unique release of rogue antispyware. The scam is based on adware of SpyEraser, which is often detected by true antispyware under the name of Adware.Win32.SpyEraser. SpyEraser is also a name used in the scan reports though. Click here to remove SpyEraser adware and   trojans and viruses associated with the scam.

SpyEraser Technical Details

  • Full name: SpyEraser, Spy-Eraser, Spy Eraser
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Ukraine

SpyEraser screenshot (click to enlarge):

SpyEraser GUI

Signs of being infected with SpyEraser:

One may prevent SpyEraser invasion getting a reliable antispyware and antivirus shield, which will block the access to SpyEraser websites and thus will have no option of manual downloading and installation of the adware, as well as the relevant trojans misleading downloading will be aborted and thus the option of SpyEraser backdoor installation will be eliminated, too. Click here to get a SpyEraser remover with antispyware shield to avoid system infecting or to get rid of SpyEraser scam.
A conclusion could be derived from the above that SpyEraser scam starts at the websites related to the adware. It is one way for the scam development to draw users into websites devoted solely to SpyEraser through the misleading advertisement (ad banners, prepaid comments) at third party websites and spam etc. and then to make them download and install the adware showing misleading descriptions and fake awards and providing a downloading link, while another way is a troajn technique of backdoor adware downloading. As soon as you see any ads in the Internet praising SpyEraser  you also might have  a browser hijacker infection.
Once the adware is installed it starts annoying you into buying it. In particular, it pretends to scan your computer system and may show you a path to threats found; that path is rather a wrong path or leads to harmless files, which manual deletion, in addition, may result in valuable data loss.
Ads like sets of fake warnings and nag screens of SpyEraser are launched at random intervals and slow your PC down, not to mention the duping and annoying impacts on its users.

Automatic Removal of SpyEraser from your PC:

A tool to remove SpyEraser adware, if it is a good tool for spyware removal, must be able to remove SpyEraser related scamware and trojans, as well as to protect your PC from other infections.
Follow the link below and download and install famous antispyware, which is known to remove efficiently and safely, virtually any parasite, including, as it was verified by tests, SpyEraser adware and related parasites.

SpyEraser Removal Tool

Manual Removal of SpyEraser:

Recent reports and tests have provided reasonable arguments for formulation of additional adware manual removal security requirements: besides the recommendations of restarting Windows and keeping Internet connection and all the software off while SpyEraser removal is in progress, we yet recommend you to reboot in a safe mode prior to launching SpyEraser removal.
Please pay attention there are very likely to be infections in addition to SpyEraser adware; it is understood these manual removal guidelines work for SpyEraser removal only.

Remove SpyEraser files and dll’s:

Launch SpyEraser.exe.lnk
SpyEraser Uninstall.exe.lnk

Unregister SpyEraser registry values:


SpyEraser Remover with free scan