Description of SpyDevastator and consequences of its residing on your PC

On-line scan is a popular trick used to the purpose of fake antispyware propagation. Of course, not all such scans are fake, but majority of them are bogus for sure. SpyDevastator is actively promoted according to the following scheme:
1. generation of a pop-up message at various web-sites, which are the links either to on-line scanner of SpyDevastator or to its official web-site;
2. no matter whether you click Yes or No buttons, on-line scan or SpyDevastator’s site loading always starts because SpyDevastator’s pop-up is just an image linked to either on-line scanner of SpyDevastator or to its official web-site;
3. in case of weak security preferences, rogues may be installed directly from the web-site of SpyDevastator or from its scanning page or users may install the trial manually.
Moreover, other common ways of hidden download like spamming and installation with Zlob.Trojan and Vundo.Trojan are widely applied for invasion of this malware trial to the victim’s computer. Get rid of SpyDevastator to avoid great damages it brings. Both trial and licensed versions pose a challenge to your PC. They both cause slow computer problem and declare malignant useful files; it is very important that you do not accept scan results of SpyDevastator as true and that you do not try to delete corresponding files manually as this indeed result in that all the described by SpyDevastator’s promoters events come true, i.e. your system may collapse or / and important data deleted. Click here in order to scan your PC free of charge and remove SpyDevastator once and for all.

SpyDevastator Technical Details

  • Full name: SpyDevastator,  Spy Devastator
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Version: 2008
  • Origin: Russian Federation,

SpyDevastator Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with SpyDevastator:

SpyDevastator installs icon on your system tray. Both licensed and trial versions produce alerts in different forms. In case of the licensed SpyDevastator, these alerts offer updates or extension of subscription (?!), though it has not been mentioned that the license would ever be terminated. In case of a trial, they consist of various cunning and scaring messages like statements that, for instance, 20 threats found and failure to remove them applying SpyDevastator leads to immediate system crush. Scan is run by this rogue, and as it has already been mentioned, please do not take any measures aimed to delete this scan positives, because they may be, for instance, files crucially important for media applications functioning.
Click here to conduct free scan for malware and remove  SpyDevastator. In case you have not observed any of the above SpyDevastator activities but scan has shown its presence, it means your security preferences and /or security program installed do not allow this rogue to take certain actions. However, it should not be considered that  SpyDevastator is harmless for your PC, where its alerts and scans and icons installation are not allowed due to your system resistance. SpyDevastator removal is always required and failure to get rid SpyDevastator is very dangerous.

Automatic Removal of SpyDevastator from your PC:

SpyDevastator would be better removed automatically for the following reasons: first of all, removing the rogue automatically you get rid of SpyDevastator once and for all; such removal ensures detection and removal of other threats. Follow the link below to get rid of SpyDevastator automatically.

Download SpyDevastator Removal Tool

Manual Removal of SpyDevastator:

Please, perform actions as prescribed by the guidelines provided to ensure complete and safe SpyDevastator manual removal; failure to detect and remove related and unrelated malware and / or other threats, if any, may minimize benefits of SpyDevastator removal. Hence, it is recommended that you would scan your PC (click any link above to start free scan). However, it is entirely your decision whether single SpyDevastator manual removal is enough.

Remove SpyDevastator files and dll’s:

SpyDevastator 1.32.lnk
SpyDevastator Website.lnk

Unregister SpyDevastator registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{528A3CF7-AAF9-42FE-A5D0-2A8EDA9E299E}
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “SpyDevastator”

SpyDevastator Remover with free scan