Description of SmitFraudFixTool and consequences of its residing on your PC

SmitFraudFixTool (SmitFraud Fix Tool) is a malicious program that misleads users with its name similar to SmitFraudFix, a free legitimate smitfroud scanner (if you have no idea what is a  smitfroud, learn about it at Wikipedia simply searching for  SmitFraud). SmitFraudFix Tool, however, is not a scanner but a program that pretends to scan computer. The process SmitFraudFixTool wants us to consider as a computer scan is extraction of imaginary threat names from special database embedded into the program. Remove SmitFraudFixTool trialware that may have infected you as a true fraudsmit or that you have got at the website of SmitFraudFixTool. SmitFraudFixTool applies destructive tactic in order to convince users of the need to register its trial version.  Destructive tactic of suggestion by SmitFraudFixTool is the files deletion and programs banning. These activities are aimed to make user believe that things are going wrong and purchase of SmitFraudFixTool is a solution as it keeps on alerting of the infections while system performance is dramatically decreasing. You need to remove SmitFraudFixTool trialware to save your computer from system hard disordering, and its registration does not stop the files issuing malicious commands as one may suppose, so that removal of SmitFraudFixTool full version is also to be performed to the same purpose.

SmitFraudFixTool Technical Details

  • Full name: SmitFraudFixTool, SmitFraud Fix Tool, SmitFraudFix Tool, Smit Fraud Fix Tool
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation /

SmitFraudFixTool screenshot:

Signs of being infected with SmitFraudFixTool:

SmitFraudFixTool shares the same nag screen with elder MalwareRemovalBot malware. The only difference is the name of program at the upper right corner of the nag screen. The nag screen of SmitFraudFixTool is imaged each time Windows is started. The program lists imaginary names and asks to register it in order to remove these threats. These repeating imaging of the scan-show is accompanied with misleading alerts.
There may be periods while SmitFraudFixTool does not produce scan window and alerts, but makes your browser download online purchase form of it. Click here to start free scan in order to remove SmitFraudFixTool and other rogues found.

Automatic Removal of SmitFraudFixTool from your PC:

SmitFraudFixTool may be installed by trojan and / or with other infections which are very dangerous, too.  Complex SmitFraudFixTool removal is offered here that covers identification and removal of all the infections, including SmitFraudFixTool.
However, if your decision is to remove SmitFraudFixTool manually, please consider the option of following the link below in order to detect infections free of charge and get rid of SmitFraudFixTool and of other infections manually. The corresponding manual guides may be found searching and other websites analyzing particular computer infections.

Download SmitFraudFixTool Removal Tool

Manual Removal of SmitFraudFixTool:

SmitFraudFixTool removal in manual mode would be better performed with no interruptions as they may let this program to respond by blocking navigation over the computer and disabling Registry Editor. It is also important to have Internet disconnected and recommended to have other programs inactive during SmitFraudFixTool removal process.
Thus, please, print these instructions out in order to get rid of SmitFraudFixTool manually with no programs active.  The exemption is provided only to those programs directly involved in the SmitFraudFixTool removal, e.g. Registry Editor.

Remove SmitFraudFixTool files and dll’s

Uninstall SmitFraudFixTool.lnk

Unregister SmitFraudFixTool registry values:

Run “Smitfraud Fix Tool”

SmitFraudFixTool Remover with free scan