Description of  Smart Virus Eliminator and consequences of its residing on your PC

Smart Virus Eliminator is another attempt of unfair programmers to push a counterfeit. Moreover, the counterfeit slows host computer system down and may embed destructive codes into legit applications, e.g. MS WORD, to the purpose of disabling them. Failure to remove Smart Virus Eliminator in a due time may result in vast malfunctions of legit software.
Thus, Smart Virus Eliminator is a counterfeit rogue application. Hackers dress it up as a security suite for computer system. Naturally it does not look for real infections but just pretends. Description of Smart Virus Eliminator behavior is provided at the section below.
Smart Virus Eliminator is a complex swindle that includes:
– dozens of clone websites advertising Smart Virus Eliminator and providing its trialware available for downloading,
–  thousands of ads leading to these websites,
– and special trojan that infects browser to command it and thus download Smart Virus Eliminator’s online ads,
– adware of Smart Virus Eliminator and
– online payment system
Luring of user into buying Smart Virus Eliminator starts either from the misleading ad that draws web-surfing into Smart Virus Eliminator websites or from the trojan intervention through the fake codec request technique or another dodge.
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Smart Virus Eliminator Technical Details

  • Full name: Smart Virus Eliminator, SmartVirusEliminator, Smart VirusEliminator
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

Smart Virus Eliminator screenshots:


Signs of being infected with Smart Virus Eliminator:

Smart Virus Eliminator’s only aim is to lure or frighten user into paying the activation fee. No essential changes in is behavior arise from the upgrading to its full version. Hence you need to get rid of Smart Virus Eliminator trial or full version.
Smart Virus Eliminator runs as a routine fake antispyware. Right after installation, it may reboot the host system in order to apply changes it has introduced into the system settings. These settings must be applied in order that Smart Virus Eliminator can launch automatically and interrupt other software with its alerts.
Smart Virus Eliminator activities include those hidden and visible. As a rule, users experience no difficulties to identify the rogue by its scan window and nag screens. Typical screenshot of Smart Virus Eliminator is provided above.
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Automatic Removal of Smart Virus Eliminator from your PC:

Smart Virus Eliminator scam may include variable supportive and partner’s viruses and malware. We recommend complex tool to remove Smart Virus Eliminator scam entirely or to make sure there are no rogues but Smart Virus Eliminator to remove. Follow the link below to initiate free scan and get rid of Smart Virus Eliminator adware and other hazardous residents of your computer system.

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Manual Removal of Smart Virus Eliminator:

There are three simple requirements to fulfill in order to guarantee your system and data stored safety and security. 1) reboot before and after Smart Virus Eliminator removal 2) do not open and run any software after the reboot prior to, and during, Smart Virus Eliminator removal 3) disable Internet connection for the period of Smart Virus Eliminator removal.

Remove Smart Virus Eliminator and dll’s:

1 WiniFighter.lnk
2 Homepage.lnk
3 Uninstall.lnk

Unregister Smart Virus Eliminator registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “WiniFighter”

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