Description of Smart Security consequences of its residing on your PC

Smart Security (SmartSecurity) often makes its appearance at computer systems unexpected for users as trojans are rogue executables applied to inject the rogue without user’s informed consent and, in fact, even without informing it. The agents providing backdoor unexpected and unapproved injection of Smart Security are inherited from earlier scamware, in particular, form Security Tool. In addition, most of the chromes and all face window templates are borrowed from Security Tool so that Smart Security sounds like its clone. Both  Smart Security  and Security Tool are members of Winweb Security family.
Remove Smart Security and related downloading agents in case of its secret intrusion. However, even if it was you who downloaded the scamware deliberately, yet you may need to get rid of Smart Security related infections as they are likely to be downloaded bundled with Smart Security adware or after its downloading. Click here  to start free system scan for all sorts of computer parasites in order to detect and remove Smart Security giving due regard to any related threats  and just other infections.

Smart Security Technical Details

  • Full name: Smart Security, SmartSecurity,  Smart-Security
  • Version: 2010
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware, Trojan horse
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Smart Security screenshot (click to enlarge):

Smart Security

Signs of being infected with Smart Security:

Smart Security is posed as security tool providing extra services. In particular, its face window includes Privacy button so that not just ordinary security threats are said to be detected by the program. Needless to repeat, none of the declared features works and you simply need to remove Smart Security upon disclosing it.
Smart Security also shows alerts leading to its webpage, especially to its purchase page. In particular, it shows a red chrome stating that certain number of infections found and explaining the challenges posed by those infections.
Click here to initiate free computer scan in order to detect viruses and other infections and get rid of  Smart Security applying universal antispyware that will remove all sorts of infections out of your PC.

Automatic Removal of Smart Security from your PC:

Smart way to remove Smart Security is to remove other infections at once or to ensure your PC is infected with Smart Security only so that single Smart Security removal will deliver your PC from any evil entries.

Smart Security  Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Smart Security:

Manual method for Smart Security removal has been approbated in several cases of real infecting. It is better to restart your PC in Safe Mode and make your Internet connections disabled and software idle while Smart Security removal is in progress though, to your system and data safety and consistency purposes.

Remove Smart Security files and dll’s:

%programfiles%\\smart security\\smartsecurity.exe
%commondesktop%\\smart security.lnk
%commonprograms%\\smart security\\smart security.lnk

Unregister Smart Security registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Smart Security

Smart Security  Remover with free scan

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