Description of Smart Internet Protection 2011 and consequences of its residing on your PC

It is a common misapprehension that the time of fake system utilities is over as users are no longer subject to the trickery, i.e. they are experienced enough to recognize the deception.  Indirect objection to this assumption is ongoing development of rogue antispyware tools.
Smart Internet Protection 2011 has drawn experts’ attention due to enormously high rate of trickery completion. In the other words, too many users have wasted money into this ransomware that shamelessly blames randomly selected files for being viruses.
Perhaps, it sounds convincing because of its seemingly predicting alerts. When the adware is saying that computer system is overloaded, the freeze of screen is likely to occur. Naturally, this is a trick set up by the hackers.
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Smart Internet Protection 2011 Technical Details:

  • Full name: Smart Internet Protection 2011, SmartInternet Protection 2011, Smart InternetProtection 2011
  • Version: 2011
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin:Russian federation

Signs of being infected with Smart Internet Protection 2011:

The rogue antispyware is not a detection issue, unless trojan technique has been used. If trojan has been used as a carrier of adware, the installation is made in shadowed mode.  Then notifications of errors etc. are shown without identifying their originator.
Typical messages that the adware displays refer to  general errors, e.g. system internal errors. Needless to say, the problems reported are all assumed.
Sooner or later duly titled windows are shown and they provide clear identification of the threat.
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Smart Internet Protection 2011 automatival removal:

There is no reason to tolerate real viruses after deleting Smart Internet Protection 2011 – follow the link below to remove Smart Internet Protection 2011 and other infections at once.

Smart Internet Protection 2011 Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Smart Internet Protection 2011:

Ensure your system stability and disable unwanted self-initiating processes for the period of Smart Internet Protection 2011 removal.  This requirement will be satisfied on restarting PC in Safe Mode.

Remove Smart Internet Protection 2011 files and dll’s:

%UserProfile%\Application Data\<random>.exe

Unregister Smart Internet Protection 2011 registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon “Shell” = ‘%UserProfile%\Application Data\<random>.exe’

Smart Internet Protection 2011 Remover with free scan