Description of Smart Internet 2011 and consequences of its residing on your PC

The set of activities undertaken by Smart Internet 2011 includes a lot of processes.  True, its authors have not lied saying that this product development was a resource-consuming process. And this is one of few software of the kind that updated quite frequently if connection is established with remote hacker’s server.
To remove Smart Internet 2011 fake antivirus is more complicated task than extermination of a regular program-counterfeit.  It also attempts to monitor ongoing installations on computer concerned in order to prevent installation of adware remover.  Click here  to activate a protected link and get rid of Smart Internet 2011 no matter that it applies smart tricks to prevent the download. Should the link fail to work, please restart in Safe Mode with Networking. Detailed instruction on how to restart in such mode are provided in the Manual Instruction for Smart Internet 2011 removal below.

Smart Internet 2011 Technical Details:

  • Full name: Smart Internet 2011, SmartInternet 2011, Smart-Internet 2011, SmartInet 2011
  • Version: 2011
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian federation

Signs of being infected with Smart Internet 2011:

The most frequently mentioned sign of the adware  is its alert notifying of so and so program damaging  or saying that certain software has been contained to security reason. However, they are not very frequent and the adware may keep them for further informational attacks reasonably predicting possible user’s  negative attitude to the program notifying of such event instead of  to the reason indicated by the program-informer
Routine alerts produced by the badware  describe nameless threats and virus names .  Some of them are potentially dangerous as they provoke rush users  to delete actually harmless files  saying they are infected or infections themselves.
Click here  to stop the trickery whenever it has been recognized.  The link might fail to work and relevant explanations on what to do in such case  are provided below.

Smart Internet 2011 automatical removal:

Activate the link below to exterminate the self-praising antivirus, which is a malicious counterfeit.
The adware is extremely hi-tech and is a real challenge to AV tools. The main threat in this relation is a chance of its updates enabling it to block the remover link  available below. If so,  Smart Internet 2011 removal is considered as partially manual removal act and you need to consult he explanation in the relevant section below.

Smart Internet 2011 Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Smart Internet 2011:

Safe Mode with Networking should prevent any hijacker of browser from fulfilling its task. That is, if you cannot download the remover available above, go to start Menu and restart your operating system. Then keep pressing (tapping) F8  until you find Advanced Options Boot Menu  in your monitor, then select Safe Mode with Networking. Now let Windows be loaded and you will find the remover link working.

Remove Smart Internet 2011 files and dll’s:

%UserProfile%\Application Data\<random>.exe

Unregister Smart Internet 2011 registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Smart Internet 2011”

Smart Internet 2011 Remover with free scan

Smart Internet 2011