Description of  Smart Defender PRO and consequences of its residing on your PC

Smart Defender PRO (SmartDefender PRO) has been released soon after release of Virus Remover Professional. The rogue is a duplicate of Virus Remover Professional and a number of its earlier clones in terms of its appearance or, speaking more technical terms, GUI.
Unlike earlier rogue antispyware of this family, Smart Defender PRO does not drop dummy files into targeted computer system to declare them threats afterward. It simply puts names which creative hackers insert into it into the table of scan results without disclosing their path, for there is no path to threats discovered by Smart Defender PRO as there are no actual threats which this piece of malware is able to discover.
Hence you need to remove Smart Defender PRO in order to get rid of the illusion of being infected with threats, which are nothing but a fruit of someone’s ill dreams. Last but not least, Smart Defender PRO makes your compute system to run slower than ever, partly intentionally to show you that its threats do pose a challenge to the state of your computer system, and partly simply due to its bad compatibility with legit software that leads to conflicting of Smart Defender PRO with computer system concerned and, consequentially, to system freezes and malfunctions.
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Smart Defender PRO Technical Details

  • Full name: Smart Defender PRO, SmartDefender PRO
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

Smart Defender PRO screenshots:


Signs of being infected with Smart Defender PRO:

This review is devoted mainly to Smart Defender PRO trialware (that is how hackers pose it) or adware, which it actually is. However, we must not forget its supporting threats, namely the hijacker of web-browser that adjusts it to open websites suggesting to download Smart Defender PRO and blocks legit websites. The hijacker is installed as a trojan and needs to be removed even if you are not infected with adware of Smart Defender PRO; and there is also trojans and viruses carrying the rogue antispyware to the computer system concerned. Click here to start free complex scan and remove Smart Defender PRO malware without omitting any constituent of it, which are any and all the aforementioned malicious program codes.
Smart Defender PRO trialware is often installed from websites promoted with the above hijacker and advertisement of misleading nature. The user is rather forced than lured to install Smart Defender PRO, for the online scanners invite to launch the downloading by clicking OK, but even though you click to close, the downloading is started. That is how most of infection cases seem to happen. It is preferable to remove Smart Defender PRO already after its installation, which in case of the above described scheme is after visiting its fake Internet scanner.
Smart Defender PRO is a self-starting software. If your computer system policy prohibits self-launching of software, Smart Defender PRO will conflict with it and that will lead to slow computer problem, system freezes and sudden reboots.
Smart Defender PRO shows alert that looks like produced by your system. These alerts lead to purchase form of the rogue. Prior to alerts, once Windows has been started, Smart Defender PRO normally plays a scary scan-show with all results fabricated.
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Automatic Removal of Smart Defender PRO from your PC:

Automated tool to remove Smart Defender PRO will detect any other infections, and they are likely to be in abundance as there are too many infections supporting adware of Smart Defender PRO.
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Manual Removal of Smart Defender PRO:

Manual removal of Smart Defender PRO may be risky if you do it disregarding simplest security tips. The tips are as follows, and it is not a big deal to use them: Please reboot and check that there are no programs active and Internet connection before, and will be no, when you are removing Smart Defender PRO. Reboot after you will have completed Smart Defender PRO removal.

Remove Smart Defender PRO files and dll’s

Smart Defender PRO.lnk

Unregister Smart Defender PRO registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Smart Defender PRO
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Smart Defender PRO”

Smart Defender PRO with free scan