Description of  Security Tool and consequences of its residing on your PC

SecurityTool aka Security Tool is a fake system security suite dressed up in elegant nag screens of light blue and white colors.   SecurityTool is not a new thing at all but a counterfeit based on other counterfeits. The most notorious according to the number of users who suffered because of its annoying advertisements and / or impact on host system is, no doubt, SystemSecurity.
Remove SecurityTool as this application is going to make the same effect on your computer system as SystemSecurity rogue does. That means a penalty in case of failure to get rid of SecurityTool will be endless flow of irritating and misleading ads impudently accusing non-existing and harmless files for things they never did i.e. declaring them viruses and malwares. Click here to start free scan and perform timely SecurityTool removal.

Security Tool Technical Details

  • Full name: SecurityTool, Security Tool, Security-Tool
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

Security Tool screenshot (click to enlarge):

Security Tool

Signs of being infected with Security Tool:

SecurityTool is advertised mainly with its adware. Adware is how we classify its unregistered version, for it plays a role of advertising agent.  Its ads are misleading and annoying. The way of downloading and installing of SecurityTool is based on fraud. Trojans are applied to drop the rogue into targeted system from the backdoor or users are duped to download and install  SecurityTool with online ads or spam. If you are just considering whether you need to get  SecurityTool, you see now that this software is of no use to get it. Not only that, if you are still going to install SecurityTool to examine it or just for fun, we must aware you that its installation as such may already lead to certain system and software malfunctions. It is thus advised to remove SecurityTool asap in case you are infected and abstain from any testing downloads of it.
SecurityTool is easily detectable upon its installation by the front window, which screenshot is provided above. The window of SecurityTool actually displayed at your monitor (if you are infected) may slightly vary in its hues and inscriptions e.g. unnamed nag screens occur. However, it is unlikely that the identity of SecurityTool cannot be established by its nag screens and alerts, even though those alerts are disguised as Windows notifications and do not directly prompt user to pay the SecurityTool activation. Every user of infected with SecurityTool system will find the adware quite annoying, at least its presence can hardly remain unnoted.
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Automatic Removal of Security Tool from your PC:

Following the link below you are beginning free system scan to detect all the viruses including SecurityTool adware. The thorough research of your system with  SecurityTool removal tool is a guarantee of total system protection through the removal and detection of all the parasites residing at your system. Follow the link below to remove  SecurityTool adware and to get rid of all other viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware etc. at once.

Download SecurityTool Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Security Tool:

Please take care of your system safety and take easy to do measures, which will guarantee your system and data safety during SecurityTool removal. The measures are as follows: reboot, make your Internet connection off and do not start any software before completing the steps of SecurityTool removal provided below. Avoid mistyping as that may result in deleting useful entries!

Remove SecurityTool and dll’s:

Security Tool.lnk
Security Tool.lnk

Unregister SecurityTool registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Security Tool
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “4946550101″

SecurityTool Remover with free scan