Description of Security Defense and consequences of its residing on your PC’s

Security Defense makes a core of another campaign against user’s security. The program is easily detectable for genuine security solutions designed to serve Windows computers or these of wider specialization. It is rarely detected as fake AV (antivirus), though antivirus is what it wants us to see in its popups. The reason for not identifying the program as fake AV is its containing several programs coordinated by the malware script, and each of those programs could be detected as infection by behavioral or morphological characteristics.
Remove Security Defense as the program plays a role of security solution being a fusion of insecure programs itself. Click here to make a move towards securing your PC from viruses and ensuring deletion of the above parasite.

Technical Details and screenshots:

  • Full name: Security Defense, Security-Defense, SecurityDefense
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation, Belarus

Signs of being infected with Security Defense

A fake antispyware product of present day does not rely on words. That is not a rule, but a clear regularity. The aforementioned fake readily proves its words with deeds as when it says that system reboot is about to happen because of so and so virus activities, such reboot actually might occur – needless to say, because of the fake antivirus efforts as not a single virus is subject to detection by the rogue.
Such combinations of words and deeds are the most popular signs of the adware infection, yet these serve as a main vehicle for persuading users into activating the adware.
The adware is a full value counterfeit. This implies it displays a scan window and program interface besides the solely of alerts.
Click here to get rid of Security Defense as another endlessly selfish program always ready to destroy your PC for the sake of parting you with your money.

Security Defense automatical removal:

The remedy provided below is just one of many solutions capable of removing Security Defense. However, it has been tested on dedicated to examination machine and performed excellently even on the lateest stages of the infection development, and when it was combined with other parasites.
Follow the link below to enjoy unimpeded extermination of the parasite. If any problems appear though, please share your experience leaving comment below and get help of the website writers and visitors.

Security Defense Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Security Defense:

The malware displays high level of hostility to the attempts of its entries deletion. Due to this reason, please restart your PC after copying this guide into notepad file or printing it out, and make next session in Safe Mode by selecting relevant configuration in the boot menu. The menu is usually available by pressing F8 while system restart is in progress.

Remove Security Defense files and dll’s:

%Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\defender.exe

Unregister Security Defense registry values:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Security Defense

Security Defense Remover with free scan