Description of  Security Central and consequences of its residing on your PC

Security Central (SecurityCentral) is an early modification of Barracuda Antivirus. Barracuda Antivirus has been described at less than one month ago, and now its clone has been caught.
There is no difference between Security Central and Barracuda Antivirus in  the graphic user’s interface. The essential difference is, not to mention the obvious difference in the names, is the way in which hackers drop the rogue antispyware into the computer systems.
Barracuda Antivirus is propagated manly relaying on the floods of Internet ads that push users to download and install its trail version. In contrast, Security Central, which GUI is practically identical to that of the above predecessor, is often installed and downloaded by specialized tiny program codes; these codes are disguised as media or text files and need to be executed with relevant software to start the downloading and installation of Security Central. However, that does not eliminate drawing users into downloading the malware manually via crafty system of ads.
You may remove Security Central “in advance” cleaning your computer from viruses and trojans and thus preventing rogue antispyware installation. Failure to get rid of Security Central adware will result in continuous displaying of senseless and groundless advertisements, which are described in the sections below as signs of Security Central presence.
Click here to start free scan in order to reveal infections and remove Security Central adware or else you may get rid of  Security Central in advance removing relevant malware mediators.

Security Central Technical Details

  • Full name: Security Central, SecurityCentral, Security-Central
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

Security Central screenshots:

security central rogue

Signs of being infected with Security Central:

Rare reboots and system freezes may hint at the presence of the virus mentioned in the above section. However, it is practically unrealistic to detect it without professional assistance. Click here to start free scan to detect any infection and remove Security Central adware or any related or supporting rogues.
Security Central may, at the first instance, display only alert at the system tray. These alerts may be considered by inexperienced users as of Windows origin.
Afterwards, more extended ads in the form of front window and numerous nag screens are produced. Typical screenshots of windows by which user may identify Security Central are provided above.

Automatic Removal of Security Central from your PC:

Automated way is a safe and verified method to get rid of Security Central. To get rid of Security Central implies removal of any program codes of the Security Central swindle, which may also be residents of your computer system, as well as to remove any other useless and destructive and annoying programs.

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Manual Removal of Security Central:

Please remove Security Central with care, which at least requires you to reboot and start Security Central removal only having ensured there are no acting software and Internet connection available when removal of Security Central is in progress.

Remove Security Central files and dll’s:


Unregister Security Central registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “system”

Security Central Remover with free scan