Description of  Secure Veteran and consequences of its residing on your PC

Despite of the sharing one and dame GUI with a number of counterfeits among which SaveDefender is a closest relative  Secure Veteran goes its way. Of course, Secure Veteran  is a clone of SaveDefender and TrustWarroir and preceding counterfeits on which the subsequent rogues are based.
Unlike its clones in terms of external look Secure Veteran is distributed with principally different type of trojan. Its downloading and installing is a task for that trojan, which is downloaded in advance exploiting your system vulnerabilities and mistakes of imprudent users who believe in the request of codec for viewing movies at certain website etc. At the same time, online ads of Secure Veteran are also available so that users may be redirected to the websites devoted to Secure Veteran and be inclined with its misleading ads to download and install the adware.
You need to remove SaveDefender trojan, if applicable, not only to get rid of SaveDefender adware. The trojan is for sure a resident of your computer system, where the downloading and installing of the adware was made in a hidden mode. Failure to remove SaveDefender trojan results in system slowing down and repeating secret uploads and installations of Secure Veteran adware. Click here to start free  monitoring of your system to expose infections and remove SaveDefender scam fully.

Secure Veteran Technical Details

  • Full name: Secure Veteran, SecureVeteran, Secure-Veteran
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

Secure Veteran screenshot (click to enlarge):

Secure Veteran

Signs of being infected with Secure Veteran:

The only aim of hackers dropping Secure Veteran at the computers systems connected to the Internet is to get paid and to get paid as much as possible. This remark is to avoid such questions like “what if I pay them once for their stop bothering me with those senseless ads? ”; of course, they won’t but be only more persistent in their ads to make you pay again. Thus, the only way is to remove Secure Veteran as soon as you see a first sign of its presence.
How to detect Secure Veteran? It is easy to disclose its presence when Secure Veteran runs according to the design of hackers. However, where there is any resistance of host system or conflict between it and Secure Veteran, some of, and sometimes most of, its  windows are not allowed. In spite of that Secure Veteran remains annoying due to its alerts, but they may not mention its name in its texts. However, Secure Veteran identity is disclosed as its alerts even if disguised as system alerts always lead to online ad that suggests you to pay the activation Secure Veteran fee.
Under regular circumstances Secure Veteran runs according to the pattern of its preceding clones e.g. TrustWarrior, so its detection is unavoidable as all its nag screens clearly indicate their origin naming Secure Veteran.
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Automatic Removal of Secure Veteran from your PC:

There are several reasons to remove Secure Veteran automatically. If you do Secure Veteran removal using professional tool, you remove all the infections harming your system, avoid any mistakes in removing Secure Veteran and stay protected from future malware attacks.
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Download Secure Veteran Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Secure Veteran:

Manual removal of Secure Veteran is completely safe procedure if you give due regard to simple security precautions: please reboot and make Internet disconnected for the duration of Secure Veteran removal; make sure no software running for the said period.

Remove Secure Veteran and dll’s:

1 SecureVeteran.lnk
2 Homepage.lnk
3 Uninstall.lnk

Unregister Secure Veteran registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “SecureVeteran”

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