Description of  SaveKeep and consequences of its residing on your PC

Having found SaveKeep (Save Keep) is a trick of hackers, too many users choose to ignore it in hope that its rare alerts are only little annoyance they can easily take.
Such our assessment was based on complaints in which users stated that SaveKeep deleted frequently opened files and denied access to most popular legit applications. Others claimed that SaveKeep ads became unbearable, owing to the incredible frequency of their repeating. The worst way to resolve the problem was to pay the fee demanded by hackers, for neither that would remove SaveKeep ads bothering you nor would it turn SaveKeep into somewhat useful software. Such complainants as those provided above clearly assert that users are inclined to ignore SaveKeep as long as possible, in spite of that is annoying and destructive application.
You need to get rid of SaveKeep adware and subservient infections completely putting an end to the trickery. That is, not only removing adware or blocking its activities, but to abolish every infection constituting SaveKeep is required, for every such infection may eventually be a reason of system collapse or smaller but still very essential malfunctions.
SaveKeep comprises adware, namely the advertisement agent impersonating antispyware, browser hijacker and downloading agents. However, adware may be downloaded and installed manually, while the hijacker is independent tool that promotes SaveKeep through online advertisements.
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SaveKeep Technical Details

  • Full name: SaveKeep, Save Keep, Save-Keep
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

SaveKeep screenshots:



Signs of being infected with SaveKeep:

Typical appearance of SaveKeep is provided above. That is a front window, which, however, may be not allowed to pop up under certain high system security settings. SaveKeep detects such denial and makes attempts to change current system configuration. That procedure leads to sudden reboots and freezes. While front window of SaveKeep demonstration is subjected to system security preferences, alerts are always generated by the SaveKeep adware. These alerts are often disguised as Windows notifications; some of them may state it is Windows that recommends activation of   SaveKeep. Remove SaveKeep upon your observation of first such alert, i.e. any alert referring to SaveKeep web-site. Such early SaveKeep removal will ensure avoiding hard system affection, data deletion and software malfunctions.
The hijacker promoting SaveKeep is a malicious code embedded to the web-browser. It is downloaded and installed as trojan. Its presence is obvious due to the frequent downloading of websites devoted to SaveKeep without user’s relevant order.
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Automatic Removal of SaveKeep from your PC:

There are two ways to remove SaveKeep adware and hijacker, but there is only one way to ensure complete system deliverance from evilware and viruses. That way is to apply automated tool to remove SaveKeep scam. Follow the link below to start free malware and virus scan to detect and remove SaveKeep infections, as well as any other rogue residents of your computer system.

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Manual Removal of SaveKeep:

Please pay attention that disregarding simple security precaution provided below may lead to system collapse or system /data /software damaging and failure to remove SaveKeep.
Before beginning SaveKeep removal, please reboot and have all programs inactive and Internet disconnected; keep that state of software and Internet until the completion of SaveKeep removal; reboot after you finish removing SaveKeep.

Remove SaveKeep and dll’s:

1 SaveKeep.lnk
2 Homepage.lnk
3 Uninstall.lnk

Unregister SaveKeep registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “SaveKeep”

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