Description of SafetyGuard consequences of its residing on your PC

Sometimes even two scanners do not make antivirus software useful. And it is  a common situation as rogue antispyware often frightens users with numerous detections of rogue entries found by means of remote scanner and scanner installed at examined machine.
In this particular case, the fake utility  is advertised by two independent programs, which may even overlap. Those programs both advertise SafetyGuard (Safety Guard) and both generates a scan window. The difference is that one utilizes templates that constitute a part of its installation while another exploits web-browser to open online scanner. The former is known as a trialware of the rogue antispyware and the latter is a browser hijacker.
Removal of SafetyGuard scanners is possible without cleaning the infections, but that way is not recommended.  Moreover, the scanners and alerts popped up by the program are not the only unwanted activities of  the fake antispyware. It is also notorious due to its impact on legit software functioning, for it interrupts it with alerts or simply does not let it launch. Click here to get rid of SafetyGuard adware covering both the hijacker and the demo, as well as to exterminate other infections.

SafetyGuard Technical Details

  • Full name: SafetyGuard, Safety Guard, Safety-Guard
  • Version: 2010
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian federation

Signs of being infected with SafetyGuard:

The combination of online and installed scanner is not a rare occasion. In such a case, you have got both the browser infection and the adware. However, it might happen as well when SafetyGuard is able to show neither online nor installed scan popup. In case of hijacker that leads to browser malfunctioning. It is rather impossible to identify the cause without applying scanner (true one): click here to see if you have this infection or another.
In case the adware is separated from hijacker it might be blocked partially. The identification problem occur when its nag screens cannot popup and the adware shows only balloon and other alerts that does not betray it. When the adware is on board, it does not linger and shows a flood of its alerts and nag screens, if there is zero or inconsiderable system resistance.

Automatic Removal of SafetyGuard from your PC:

The benefits of SafetyGuard removal by security solution designed and permanently updated by proficient  developers of antivirus software  are evident as the rogue, if infected your PC once, may do it twice and thrice unless you have a relevant protection. Naturally the software recommended here will   protect your PC in future from this and other parasites after you remove SafetyGuard, as well as its extended database of infections will provide detection and deletion of other harmful entries.

SafetyGuard Removal Tool

Manual Removal of SafetyGuard:

Before proceeding to deletion of the entries specified below, please restart Windows. Experts recommend to remove SafetyGuard adware in Safe Mode to system security reasons so please select Safe Mode in Boot Menu. Extra security precaution, which is not out of place though, is to ensure no programs are on while the removal is in progress.

Remove SafetyGuard files and dll’s:

%CommonPrograms%\SafetyGuard\1 SafetyGuard.lnk
%CommonPrograms%\SafetyGuard\2 Homepage.lnk
%CommonPrograms%\SafetyGuard\3 Uninstall.lnk
%ProgramFiles%\SafetyGuard Software\SafetyGuard\SafetyGuard.exe
%ProgramFiles%\SafetyGuard Software\SafetyGuard\uninstall.exe

Unregister SafetyGuard registry values:


SafetyGuard Remover with free scan