Description of RESpyWare and consequences of its residing on your PC

Deceptive antispyware RESpyWare just looks like a true antispyware. In fact, it is not too complicated to get GUI that looks like that of legit antispyware. Remove RESpyWare as soon as you have any hint at, or evidence of, its presence. Click here to get rid of RESpyWare without further hesitations. RESpyWare is rather a manually downloaded and installed malware. However, there are trojans performing its hidden uploads, but in most reported by users suffered of the infection  cases  the rogue has been installed by those very users. They have been spoofed with online scanners or other forms of RESpyWare ads in the Internet to download and install the software that supposedly will deliver their computer systems from every evilware. In fact, they installed a counterfeit; it is not that easy to remove RESpyWare adware as the rogue is typically not listed in the ADD/Remove Programs list or else the entry representing RESpyWare does not provide removal of RESpyWare as its major components are not associated with that entry.

RESpyWare Technical Details

  • Full name: RESpyWare, RE-SpyWare, RE SpyWare
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russia

RESpyWare screenshot (click to enlarge):


Signs of being infected with RESpyWare:

RESpyWare adware is posed as universal antispyware pretending to scan computer system for every sort of viruses.  The elements displayed by RESpyWare adware are as follows:
– front window, which includes dozen of sub-windows, of which scan window is the most remarkable. The scan window includes animated objects, which are posed as though they reflect scan in progress, but there is no system inspection actually done by RESpyWare
– optionally: alerts pretending to be of Windows origin; they prompt in different phrases to install system updates and ultimately draw users to the online purchase page suggesting to settle RESpyWare activation fee;
– optionally: alerts entitled RESpyWare or mentioning the adware claiming that you need to activate protection and also drawing you to the websites marketing RESpyWare.
Remove RESpyWare as soon as you see any of the above or in case the rogue downloaded and not yet installed. In the last case that means the rogue was downloaded by user but, perhaps, by an oversight or carelessness of user  he missed to install the adware, or trojan downloaded the adware secretly but could not manage to complete the installation due to the conflict with host system.  Click here to start free system inspection by RESpyWare removal tool.

Automatic Removal of RESpyWare from your PC:

Choosing to remove RESpyWare adware automatically you will get rid of all sorts of infections harming your computer system. Follow the link below to get rid of RESpyWare adware covering its subservient trojan and any other infection found during the scan.

Download RESpyWare Removal Tool

Manual Removal of RESpyWare:

Manual RESpyWare removal may result in damaging useful software and system disordering unless you comply with system security requirement, which is as follows: please restart your Windows, make sure there are no self-launching software or close it if any (use Task Manager to check if any programs running), disconnect to the Internet and keep all software off until finishing to remove RESpyWare.

Remove RESpyWare files and dll’s:

1 RESpyWare.lnk
2 Homepage.lnk

Unregister RESpyWare registry values:

Run “.exe”
Run “RESpyWare.exe”

RESpyWare Remover with free scan