Description of RepairRegistryPro and consequences of its residing on your PC

One may easily download free and, what is very important, really working Registry cleaning program from many websites in the web. There is also option to buy program with advanced characteristics for more retell Registry cleanup. But be careful! Among registry cleaners, mainly among the requiring payment programs, there are many dangerous tools predestinated only for money-milking. Here we would like to introduce to you another useless concoction of Russians, RepairRegistryPro. Stay away from this program and remove RepairRegistryPro if infected, since this program is malicious.
At first we thought that the problem is in low quality of this program only, i.e. in that it cannot distinguish harmful and useless values in the Registry from harmless and useful. The problem, however, includes but not limited to this. Remove RepairRegistryPro, this program behaves like many other programs, primarily fake virus and malware removers: it uses trojans for shadowed trialware installation and farther system slow destruction. Unless you get rid of RepairRegistryPro, this program may hardly oppress your PC and even destroy Windows. Additional malware may be installed by trojan responsible for RepairRegistryPro installation. Stop this tricky game and secure your PC from system crush, click here to scan computer for free and remove RepairRegistryPro immediately.

RepairRegistryPro Technical Details

  • Full name: RepairRegistryPro, Repair Registry Pro, RepairRegistry Pro
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

RepairRegistryPro Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with RepairRegistryPro:

RepairRegistryPro can remove values from System Registry, but the deletion is done randomly as the program even does not include any, at least out-of-date, database to compare registry values with database entries. The scan is launched after user either installed trilaware manually or it was trojan that decided for user to install this rogue. Unless it was your decision to install this program, it may be not so easy to identify the threat. At the same time, it is in your interest to remove RepairRegistryPro before any damage caused.
It is time to remove RepairRegistryPro when you see pop-up entitled RepairRegistryPro; there are pop-ups with other titles or unnamed. If you see any pop-up similar to the one above, do not hesitate to remove RepairRegistryPro; click here to detect malware and viruses for free and get rid of RepairRegistryPro using professional malware removal tool.

Automatic Removal of RepairRegistryPro from your PC:

There are many tools promising to remove RepairRegistryPro. Download the one we are recommending and ask Google why we have recommended this one. If you are unsatisfied with RepairRegistryPro removal tool, simply enable it and remove from Program List, it will never return until you ask it. It is always recommended to start upload of RepairRegistryPro removal tool, because free scan is never unnecessary, even malware promoters say so 🙂

Download RepairRegistryPro Removal Tool

Manual Removal of RepairRegistryPro:

Below we provide the moist extended guide to remove RepairRegistryPro with all its related trojans and viruses. By the other words, some entries and files may be missing (fortunately). However, please, be attentive and avoid mistyping to remove RepairRegistryPro completely. Reboot Windows before starting and after finishing RepairRegistryPro removal process.

Remove RepairRegistryPro files and dll’s

Repair Registry Pro.db
Repair Registry Pro.exe
Start Repair Registry Pro.lnk
Uninstall Repair Registry Pro.lnk

Unregister RepairRegistryPro registry values:


HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\Repair Registry Pro
Uninstall\Repair Registry Pro


RepairRegistryPro Remover with free scan