Description of Registry Defender Platinum and consequences of its residing on your PC

Registry Defender Platinum represents the group of rogue programs marketed as System Registry optimizers.  For many users it may be still unclear what means the cleaning of the Registry and why Registry shall be defended. However, as malwares like Registry Defender Platinum arrive to the computers of unfamiliar with malware users and overfill System Registry and disorder OS or do similar harm declaring simultaneously that the System Registry is overfilled and should be cleaned and protected for the sake of curing this obviously sick PC, users often trust the misleading scan and alerts purchasing Registry Defender Platinum. Registry cleaning is important and is explained here at at the section registry cleaners. However, it is better never clean the registry than buy fake Registry cleaners like Registry Defender Platinum. Remove Registry Defender Platinum, or else you indeed will need to clean the System Registry, because this rogue program adds a quantity of new registry values, so that increases the time needed for to start legitimate programs and decreases their speed. In addition, useful keys may be removed from the Registry that may even lead to operating system collapse.
Click here in order to start free malware and virus scan to reveal and remove  Registry Defender Platinum infection that may cover, except the removal of Registry Defender Platinum malware, the removal of related to Registry Defender Platinum trojans.

Registry Defender Platinum Technical Details

  • Full name: Registry Defender Platinum, RegistryDefenderPlatinum, Registry-Defender-Platinum
  • Version: 2009
  • Type: Rogue anti-spyware
  • Origin: Russian Federation

Registry Defender Platinum screenshots:

Signs of being infected with Registry Defender Platinum:

Registry Defender Platinum is often installed without user’s consent as Vundo type trojan has been installed in advance and performs its function of malware downloader. A trojan is a tiny program in comparison to the malware, which is why it is easer to install the trojan in advance. Moreover, there is a worm technology when a worm, replicable program much smaller than smallest trojan, is installed to install the trojan. This technology increases the chance of hidden malware installation due to the wider options for worm than even for trojan to invade the targeted computer.
The above explanation is to stress on that Registry Defender Platinum removal prevention is possible. This is so called Registry Defender Platinum removal in advance when you remove Registry Defender Platinum trojan-downloader or worm. There is only one clear sign indication the presence of Registry Defender Platinum subservient worms or trojan, the frequent or regular redirection of Internet browsing to online fake scanner and websites offering free trial of Registry Defender Platinum downloading or purchase of the full version. Click here in order to prevent the malware invasion removing Registry Defender Platinum trojan or worm, or to detect and remove Registry Defender Platinum malware, as well as any other rogue program.
In terms of its advertising activities, Registry Defender Platinum is a typical adware. Its nag screen with window pretending to represent the Registry scan in fact being not conducted, normally appears as Windows has warmed up; fake alerts of various texts with the common sense to pay for Registry Defender Platinum registration are displayed at the regular basis.

Automatic Removal of Registry Defender Platinum from your PC:

Follow the link below to  identify rogue programs currently inhabiting you computer and get rid of  Registry Defender Platinum upon detection, including Registry Defender Platinum malware, trojan and worm. Of course, you may have all, two or one of the Registry Defender Platinum infections, as well as infections in no relation with Registry Defender Platinum may be your computer residents; they will be removed by Registry Defender Platinum removal tool as well. Registry Defender Platinum removal tool is a StopZilla!. You may install it from the official website, but we strongly recommend using one of the links in this article as they are leading to StopZilla! customized for installation on the computers infected with malware of Registry Defender Platinum type and for fast detection and removal of malware.

Download Registry Defender Platinum Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Registry Defender Platinum:

It is a rule that we recommend you to follow that requires a user to have no active programs during the process of Registry Defender Platinum removal. That implies to have these instructions for Registry Defender Platinum removal printed out, because text editors are also covered by this rule.
Trojans and worms are extremely variable programs and could not be covered by the Registry Defender Platinum manual instructions. In order to detect and remove Registry Defender Platinum related Trojans and worms, please do not hesitate following the link above to download and install free scanner that will reveal all the infections with indication of their path.

Remove Registry Defender Platinum files and dll’s

Customer Support.url
User Guide.url
Registry-Defender v5.lnk
Customer Support.lnk
RD Platinum v5.lnk
User Guide.lnk
RDPlatinum v5.lnk

Unregister Registry Defender Platinum registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\RD Platinum v5.0

Registry Defender Platinum with free scan